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Helpful tips


  • Make and bring BUSINESS CARDS so people can get in contact with you. The Student Loan Network has arranged a partnership with PodCamp and VistaPrint. Purchase business cards through the Financial Aid Podcast and all net proceeds will be donated directly to PodCamp! Don't want to shell out money? You can get 250 generic design cards for free.
  • PodCamp is a mobile event - you'll be wandering around from session to session a lot, so wear comfortable shoes.
  • Need a ride? Check our BostonRideList for who can help out.
  • Need a place to crash?/HAVE a place to crash? List it out.
  • Want to swap/trade gear at the show? Talk it up.
  • If you bring valuables, just as a safeguard, lock them in your car or bring some sort of security measure with you. PodCamp is being held at Bunker Hill Community College. It is open to the public. It is accessible by major routes. Pack light and mobile!
  • LABEL everything you own! There's every likelihood that someone else will own an identical piece of gear.


Things to bring


  • Podcasting gear - if you have a portable rig like an Edirol, M-Audio MicroTrack, or iRiver, that would probably work out better for you (and your lower back) than a huge setup.
  • Video gear - smaller is better here too - better to bring a small DV cam or digital camera with movie options and a monopod than bring a VX-1000 and lighting.
  • Networking - assume that there will be lots of ad-hoc network options and bring your own backups, like a wireless access point, etc.
  • Power - there are not a lot of electrical outlets built into the walls. Bring your own strip, and be neighborly - offer to share!
  • Music - bandwidth is 2-4 Mbps down, 512kbps up. 4 Mbps sounds great until you divide it by 200 people. Plan for a slow network. If you are going to do a show, bring your content with you. (i.e. podsafe music, etc.) Do NOT expect to be able to upload a show from the site.
  • Security kits - if you are going to leave gear laying around (not recommended) bring laptop/portable security kits.
  • Media. If you are bringing a portable audio recorder or camera, bring LOTS of SD cards, CF cards, and DV tapes. Bring labels for everything, too.
  • Signed copy of our Waiver.

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