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Promotional ideas and stuff


List ideas and materials for getting the word out!





Right-click and download!


I'm Going to PodCamp Boston:


Small banner:


Big banner:


iTunes art:




VIDEO promo- Podcamp promo by SomethingToBeDesired.com - MOV file

VIDEO promo- Podcamp promo by SomethingToBeDesired.com - Hosted on YouTube

VIDEO promo- Podcamp promo by SomethingToBeDesired.com - Hosted on blip.tv


*New: two new 30 sec audio promos by Steve Garfield




*New: TONS of Tiny Promos by Chris Brogan...



***There's more. I just got lazy and had to go to sleep.


Audio promo - many voices - 160kbps VBR MP3, 871kb

Podcamp Many Voices Audio Promo.mp3


Audio promo - chris of grasshopper factory - 128kbps MP3 907kb



Audio promo - Adam of Boston Behind the Scenes - 192kbps MP3 686KB

BBTSPodcampPromo - Adam Weiss


Audio Promo - I turn on my "Announcer Voice" for this one - 192kbps MP3 860KB

PodcampPromo2b - Adam Weiss


Audio promo - Caveman Days to Now - Chris Brogan.


Audio promo - Chris Wilson and Lance Panstrom from the Answers for Freelancers! podcast. 2:22 / 2.7 MB

The Answers for Freelancers! Freelance News: Special Report on PodCamp - by Ken, Bob and Chris. Feel free to run this wherever you want to.


Audio promo - From the Museum of Science, Boston

MOSPodcampPromo.mp3 - Adam Weiss


Posters and Flyers


8 1/2 x 11 flyer #1 : Tell your story



8 1/2 x 11 flyer #2 : Join the revolution



8 1/2 x 11 flyer #3 : Learn about Podcasting


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