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PodCamp Boston Recordings


Audio, video, whatever it may be - please post URLs to stuff you create this weekend, and tag with podcamp, podcampboston, or podcamp2006 here!


Please provide your recordings under the appropriate sessions where possible! Multiple recordings can just be stacked up underneath the session title - if you have a recording for a session that's already got one, please post yours anyway! Want to get these delivered to you? Subscribe to the podcast at the right.


Saturday UnKeynote

Chris Brogan and Chris Penn - welcome and logistics - audio, MP3


Saturday 10 AM Sessions

Podcast Marketing - 5 Tools To Grow Your Audience TODAY Christopher Penn (A) : Audio, MP3 Session Notes

Inside a Pre-Launch Startup New Media Company Chris Brogan (A)

A Podcast Thunderstorm 5 Things in 30 Minutes - Steve Garfield (N)

Clinton of Comdy4Cast introduction from Steve Garfield's Podcast Thunderstorm session recorded by Steve Garfield

Henry from Podzinger introduction from Steve Garfield's Podcast Thunderstorm session recorded by Steve Garfield


Extending the Conversation- Mark Blevis (A)

Podcasting as a Hobby - Greg Demetrick (A)


Saturday 10:45 AM Sessions

Hollywood 3.0 - The Challenge of Video-Podcasting, Casey McKinnon & Rudy Jahchan (A) : Audio, MP3

The Feed Demystified - What is a feed? How does it work? How can I optimize a feed? ALl your feed questions answered. Eric Olson

You and Your Brand - The importance of thinking about marketing and self brand when doing a podcast C.C. Chapman & Mitch Joel (A)

Podcast 101: Welcome Newbies - John Wall (N)

The Larger Picture: Where do blogs and podcasting fit into the larger topic of "social computing"? Ed Manlove(A)


Saturday 11:30 AM Sessions

Podcast formats panel discussion (Session Notes): Clinton Alvord, Leesa Barnes, Chris Brogan, Christopher Penn, John Wall, and Adam Weiss; moderator: Bryan Person (A)

Audio, mp3

Easily Create Podcasts and Talk Shows Online Mark Juliano(A)

A Behind the Scenes Look at PodZinger with VP of Operations,Henry Houh (A)

Making Cents Out of Podcasting: How to make money in this from an agency's perspective, Matthew Snodgrass, Porter Novelli, Dave Kawalec, Porter Novelli (A)

Blogging - Greg Demetrick,Ira Krakow (N)


Saturday 1:45 PM Sessions

Uncle Seth performance (music) (A) : Part of the performance and an interview with Felt Up TV : Audio recording of the set (MP3)

Interviewing Techniques. Interviewing Techniques Video. The secrets of getting a great interview. Mark Blevis and Larry Lawfer. There are a variety of ways in which to make your interviewee feel comfortable enough to be open and honest. (A)

Little Podcasts vs. Big Media: The new (leveled) playing field in the competition for a fixed amount of eyeball/eardrum-seconds CNET's David Berlind(A)

VoodooVox - Playing your podcast on-demand for free over your private phone line, while easily capturing listener feedback. J. Scott Hamilton

On Internet Audiences: Who's out there and what to do with 'em. Andrew Baron (A)

Corporate Blogging Strategy - Stephen Turcotte and Megan Dickinson (A)


Saturday 2:30 PM Sessions

Podcasting 3 years on 3 years ago at Bloggercon podcasting took off. How have the predictions from then fared, and what should we expect in the next three? (A) Kevin Marks

Gear Talk: So many choices (for recorders, microphones, mixers, phone-lines, in-studio/on-location, post-production, etc.), so little money. What works. What doesn't. Where to shop. CNET's David Berlind(A) Audio, mp3

MobaTalk, the coming multi-media comment system. Convergence technologies and how you might leverage them. Michael Bailey(A)

The Advertising/Marketing World and Video Social Media: What We've Learned So Far. Owen Mack, coBRANDiT Pre-Questions? owen(at)cobrandit.com

Podcast Consultation: How to be a podcast constultant and how to hire one for your business. Panel discussion led by Jason Van Orden. (If you do podcast consultation, please join us on the panel)

New England Podcasting Meetup - join New England's podcasting association! (A)


Saturday 3:15 PM Sessions

Music Podcasting Panel: C.C. Chapman, Jay Moonah, Eric Skiff (A)

Why Podcast About The Constitution? Ira Krakow, host of The United States Constitution podcast, shares his vision of the future of political podcasts (A)

Video & Audio Production Techniques, Session Notes: VideoAudioProduction (I) David Tames (MIT ZigZag)

Plan a Killer Podcast with Leesa Barnes(N)

Technology in the Blogosphere - Ed Manlove (A)


Saturday 4:00 PM Sessions

Michelle Cummings performance (music) (A)

Behind the Show: Drew Olanoff and the cast of the Best Damn Tech Show, Period. speak candidly - view video(A)

Bootleg webcasting to instant videoblog - How to bring remote people into live events, and blog the video afterwards, Video, Quicktime Movie(I) Kevin Marks

Pricing and PR for your podcast/skills. About.com Guide to podcasting John C. Havens talks about marketing your podcast and/or podcast consultation skills.

Directing and working with actors (or voice actors) for podcasts. Q&A led by Justin Kownacki, director of the web sitcom Something to Be Desired (and your PodCast promo)

Double ender demonstration (G-Rated) presented by Canadian Podcast Buffet co-hosts Bob Goyetche and Mark Blevis (A)


Sunday 10:45 AM Sessions

Getting Viewed on MySpace and YouTube; with Drew Olanoff and Shauna from scriggity and the Best Damn Tech Show, Period. view the video


Sunday 11:00 AM Sessions

Should your business be blogging or podcasting? - .mp3 file Session presented by Bryan Person.


Sunday 11:45 AM Sessions

How to Be Smart and Popular: Making Your Podcast Informative and Interesting - Adam Weiss focused on educational institutions but applicable to everyone (A)

Selected video moments



Sunday 2:00 PM Sessions

To be (me) or not to be (me): Identity, pseudonymity and anonymity choices in creating an online identity; with Shava Nerad of The Tor Project download MP3

Beer Money: 6 programs that you can use to start earning money TODAY - Christopher Penn - MP3 audio


Sunday 3:30 Sessions

Podcasting 101 with Garageband 3.0 - Christopher Penn - MP3 audio


Video Blog as Visual Art - Part One recorded by Steve Garfield

Video Blog as Visual Art - Part Two recorded by Steve Garfield

Ze Frank Video Workshhop: Something From The Comments recorded by Steve Garfield

Ze Frank Video Workshhop: Ideas? recorded by Steve Garfield

Ze Frank Video Workshhop: Riding the Fire Eagle Danger Day recorded by Steve Garfield


Sunday 4:15 Sessions

Video roundup of PodCamp participants, Part 1 recorded by Christopher Penn


Unscheduled Recordings

  1. Example: Recording title, date, time, recorded by
  2. Rocketboom is podcasting today our interview with Joanne Colan about the impact of Podcasting in organizations with english subtitles, 9/14/06,9:15 AM By Knowledge Energies
  3. Christopher Penn opening remarks at Berkman Center of Law, 9/8/06,6:15 PM sample, no recording actually there to download yet
  4. Shauna of scriggity meets Joanne Colan from rocketboom, 9/9/06,12:15 PM quick video clip on youtube, more to come!
  5. Uncle Seth, almost live! recorded by Steve Garfield
  6. Watch a melting-podcamp through the eyes of Philippe Lejeune
  7. Teaching for the Future Episode 27 with a short interview with Andrea Mercado
  8. Joanne Colan from rocketboom talks in French about the impact of Podcasting in organizations, 9/9/06,12:15 PM By Knowledge Energies
  9. Felt Up TV interviews Joanne Colan from Rocketboom (Uncut)
  10. Beth's Blog PodCamp Live Blog, Podcast, and Videocast Coverage
  11. PodCamp and the Constitution
  12. PodCamp 2006 - Suck/Not Suck Collection of interviews
  13. Teaching for the Future Episode 28 with an interview with Ira Krakow.
  14. Rocketboom's Joanne Colan interviews Podcamp Organizers recorded by Steve Garfield
  15. Michelle Cummings at PodCamp Boston recorded by Steve Garfield
  16. Jeff Pulver interview at PodCamp Boston recorded by Steve Garfield
  17. Christopher Penn Berkman Welcome Clip recorded by Steve Garfield
  18. C.C. Chapman & Mitch Joel's Building Your Brand Presentation from 9/9/2006 recorded by C.C. Chapman
  19. Christopher Lydon at Berkman Center reception recorded by David Tames
  20. Uncle Seth covering Summertime by Brother Love recorded by C.C. Chapman
  21. Joanne Colan Puppetmaster at PodCamp Boston recorded by Steve Garfield
  22. Beth Kanter of Beth's Blog interviews Kevin Kennedy-Spaien of the Health Hacks Podcast 9/19/06 ~ 2:15 PM
  23. a little talk with mike from blip.tv recorded by randy mann sunday daytime
  24. New Media School - Random Friday night happenings. Thong Church.
  25. Great Big Small Business Show - not FROM PodCamp, but in honor of podcamp, all Uncle Seth.
  26. PodMusic 411 show #25 - After our 9/11 tribute, we play a collection of music with a photo slide show. We will also post a link for all the photos we took (at a larger resolution) soon.
  27. Behind the Scenes at Podcamp - Drew Olanoff and the Best Damn Tech Show, Period. crew gear up for sessions.
  28. Teaching for the Future Episode 29 Part of the session with Chris Brogan and Brian Conley.
  29. VIDEO: Andrew Baron on Rocketboom's ad sales since the famous eBay auction. This vid explains why Andrew was buying the drinks Friday night... Posted by Owen Mack, coBRANDiT.
  30. VIDEO: Joanne Colan of Rocketboom on inspiration. coBRANDiT produces video for trend site PSFK, inspiration is their current theme.
  31. VIDEO: Episode 7 of scriggity - starring YOU the Podcampers!
  32. Wicked Good Podcast Episode #26 featuring an interview with Shelly Brisbin from Shelly's Podcast and iProng Radio recorded at Podcamp
  33. Steve learned enough at PodCamp to create his first podcast recapping the sessions  he attended/participated in.
  34. The Mind of Men: Episode 5 including our wrap-up on Podcamp complete with Jim's interview with Chris Brogan about the future plans for the Podcamp movement.
  35. Quote of The Week: Mitch Joel & CC Chapman @ Podcamp Boston on ETech@Work (by Shwen Gwee).
  36. Video Postcard - Chris Brogan...
  37. Saturday Night Parties - Chris Brogan...
  38. Thong Church Radio- Interviews with Steve Garfield, Jack Hodgson, Justin Kownacki, and Eric Olson. Not to be missed. -- Chris Brogan...
  39. The Health Hacks Podcast Special PodCamp Episode where host Kevin Kennedy-Spaien interviews practically everyone. Not what you might be expecting!
  40. PodMusic 411 - Episode 26 - Interview with Uncle Seth, recorded at The Grand Canal after day one, complete with background noise.
  41. New Comm Road podcast - Episode 015 - An interview with 15SecondPitch.com co-founder Laura Allen.
  42. New Comm Road podcast - Episode 016 - An interview with Justin Kownacki, creator of the video series Something to Be Desired and organizer of PodCamp Pittsburgh.
  43. New Comm Road podcast - Episode 017 - An interview with Writer's Voice host Francesca Rheannon.
  44. Interview with Larry Lawfer and John C. Havens. Recorded by Bryan Person.
  45. Interview with Phil Lupsiewicz. Recorded by Bryan Person.


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