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How to Register


Enter your NAME (with link to site or email), what you do, and HOW YOU CAN HELP at the bottom of the list.

(To promote yourself and your podcast, please use the Participants directory.


Problems registering? Need help? Email financialaidpodcast at gmail dot com for help! The password to edit is nepod


Important: Please be sure to keep us updated as to your attendance! The BHCC facility has a limit on the number of people who can attend, and we have a limit on the number of T-Shirts we're going to order. T-Shirts will ONLY be available to registered participants below on a first-come, first served basis Saturday morning until supplies run out - they'll be issued with your name badge at registration. wino


  1. Chris Brogan- Organizing and Logistics. Speaker at event. Content Provider.
  2. Bryan Person - Organizer. Evangelist. Trainer. Participant.
  3. Ted Gilchrist - Botcaster. Phonecaster. Text-to-speech One Note Nellie. Participant.
  4. Tammy Munson - Organizer/Coordinator, Trainer, Participant, and more!
  5. Christopher Penn - Podcaster, PT Organizer, Participant, Presenter, Podcaster, Promoter.
  6. Dave LaMorte - Host/Producer of Teaching for the Future a podcast about technology and media literacy in the classroom. Check out Teaching for the Future and join the conversation. kredyt mieszkaniowy
  7. Jack Hodgson - Web Developer, Writer, AV Producer, Special Events Producer, budding podcaster, *NEW!*: The No-Name General Aviation Podcast
  8. Larry Lawfer- Podcaster, Evangelist, Participant, Presenter, Promoter, Ready, Willing and Able, Writer, Content Provider
  9. [brmilton%.com.msn.comBernard Milton]-author and budding podcaster!
  10. Steve Garfield - Organizer. Evangelist. Trainer. Participant. sprzedam mieszkanie
  11. Jeff Winkler - Screencaster, Developer, Blogger.
  12. Andrew Rosen- Podcaster, Writer, Producer, Marketing. Host of The Working Podcast.
  13. Thierry Hubert - Knowledge Energies- Expert in communities of interest networks, knowledge capitalization through integrated collaboration. Looking to podcast ideas!
  14. Nate Aune - open source podcast publishing tools, service for aggregating and tagging podcasts
  15. John C. Havens - Writer for About.com Guide to Podcasting. Willing to speak on podcasting for the corporate world, and/or update readers about PCB's latest news. Also founder of the Podcast Consultant firm, Podcast Vision and Voice.
  16. Eric J. Gerritsen - investment and advisory firm focused on Web 2.0 companies. Can speak on investment subjects. Blog on international Web 2.0 scene at www.globalinternetblog.com
  17. Beth Kanter - blogger, closet vlogger/screencaster focused on nonprofits and web2.0. Trainer. Participant. Translator. Blogger. Wannabe better vlogger.
  18. Jeff Carvalho - Podcaster, Writer, focusing on fashion and sneakers as they relate to the streetwear culture. Let me know how I can help. www.weeklydrop.com
  19. Allen Friedman - Podcaster, Audiobook Producer, Trainer. Willing to host/co-host a panel and/or do a presentation. Possible topic: producing a podcast with Adobe Audition; Open to other topic ideas, panel discussions, etc.
  20. Danielle Martin - VISTA with the CTC VISTA Project and VISTA in fall doing community digital storytelling with massIMPACT; blogger, community media & technology advocate, digital media with youth junkie; never podcasted, but it's on the ToDo list. Requested topic: Podcasting as a multimedia distribution strategy for community activists.
  21. Lisa Williams Podcast enthusiast who made the short web movie Four Minutes About Podcasting. Just returned from Bloggercon IV where I led a discussion called The Emotional Life of Weblogs. MP3s of all Bloggercon sessions here for your downloading pleasure.
  22. Guido Stein Knitting Podcast host.. Yeah I said knitting, what of it. Interested in mobile recording
  23. Chris Connors - Fussing With Stuff - Interested in Engineering Education and fussing of all forms
  24. [paul%.com.grous.comPaul Grous] - Podcast listener and enthusiast
  25. Jon Masters - Interested in possibly swinging by (from the UK).
  26. Romolo Pranzetti - Blogger, Podcaster, Educator. Dal Blog al Podcasting
  27. Meagan Basilius - occasional blogger, would-like-to-be-podcaster for online student orientations and pre-departure information for our European Internship programs.
  28. Brian Del Vecchio - Organization, promotion, and event logistics.
  29. Greg Demetrick - Preadator and Host of 5 Questions, Web Developer for Ziff Davis Media, President of Webfluency. Can help by giving a discussion on how to get started, info on how to promote a brand, possibly can provide insight into podcasting in the commercial realm.
  30. Anthony Cantiello- Editor of Podcast Herald. Can help with promotion of event. Sounds like fun!
  31. Jeff Persch- Creator of podsea.com. Would like to discuss advertising in podcasts and what the creators really want...
  32. Scot Petersen - Editor of eWeek and Executive producer of eWeek Podcasts.
  33. David Parmet - PR, social media maven and sometime podcaster
  34. Tim Shey - interactive producer, various social software, online video and interactive TV projects. Happy to help spread the word and talk about topics for discussion at the event.
  35. C.C. Chapman - New Media Specialist, Podsafe Music Evangalist. Host of Managing the Gray, Accident Hash and The U-Turn Cafe sprzedam bilet
  36. Ted Demopoulos - New Media Consultant, author, blogger. Blogging for Business, The Ted Rap Happy to speak on various business blogging and podcasting topics
  37. Sarah Holmes - Librarian, marketing consultant, content and knowledge manager, editor, writer, and publishing industry specialist.
  38. Adam Weiss - Organizer. Evangelist. Host and producer of the Museum of Science's Current Science & Technology Podcast and Boston Behind the Scenes. I'd love to be involved in anything involving Educational Podcasting, as well as Community Podcasting.
  39. Brett Stilwell - Flash podcast players
  40. Casey McKinnon & Rudy Jahchan - Producers of GALACTICAST, a weekly sketch-comedy sci-fi video-podcast.
  41. Doug Minor - College Web director and producer/writer for college blog and podcasts.
  42. [mail2me%.com.juno.comRich Peters] - Podcast listener and potential Podcaster.
  43. Marc Lemay - Over-the-air broadcaster, webcaster, and now interested in podcasting, and all around community media supporter. If needed - willing to talk about crossover between brodcasting vs. podcasting topics, voiceovers, etc.
  44. David Berlind - Executive Editor (and podcaster), ZDNet.
  45. Jameson Bull - Aspiring PR guru, blogger, podcast addict. My Blog, My Site
  46. Dick Eastman podcaster and writer of Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter.
  47. Tom Morris - Blogger, hacker (PHP mostly), lapsed podcaster, podcast listener and OPML geek. Can lead sessions about technical things (and smuggle stuff from Britain... heh heh...).
  48. Avrom Honig - video podcaster, using feedburner along with blogger, youtube, myspace account, producer and co-host Feed Me Bubbe. Only will be able to attend on Sunday.
  49. [chris%.com.aithene.netChris Wilson] - Audio podcaster. One of Three cohosts of Answers for Freelancers! a podcast about being freelance artists. Written by freelancers, for freelancers (and wannabe freelancers).
  50. beau - Multimedia podcaster. I am all about the new media man. Seriously, I have experience with both web development and podcasting and vodcasting. I am hear to help in any way I can.
  51. John Herman - Host of The Eye, Educator and Multimedia Artist
  52. Justin Kaiser - Host, producer, hope to be able to make it out with Joy.
  53. Joy - Host of Sex With Joy, participant and look forward to meeting you.
  54. Greg Narain - Entrepreneur, blogger and one-time Beercasting ringleader
  55. Sooz - I dabble with events and photography. I want to get into podcasting more -- mostly video. I'm helping out at Podcamp with event logistics. For work I'm a creative agent at Randstad.
  56. Paul Barron - Current producer, publisher and podcaster of several media verticals. Online, New Media and even the old age print magazines. Am interested in mingling with the brightest minds in the business.
  57. Matthew Snodgrass - VP, Creative Services at Porter Novelli (global PR & communications agency), podcasting evangelist, co-host of The Dave & Matt Show (www.daveandmattshow.com). Can talk about audio production techniques and monetization of podcasting from an agency perspective.
  58. Dave Kawalec - Video editor / Producer at Porter Novelli, co-host of The Dave & Matt Show, writer for Pacific Coast Hellway
  59. [mailto:citysteph%.com.hotmail.comStephanie Russo] - Senior Producer at R/GA (interactive advertising agency), interested in learning more about podcasting for business and pleasure.
  60. Steve Sherlock - blogger, collaborator, will to help (registration desk) or whatever
  61. Bala Sub - Tamil (Indian) blogger, Aspiring Podcaster, will to help.
  62. Ben Sheldon - Cable Access evangelizer, AmeriCorps VISTA, Drupal hacker
  63. John Wall- Hosts The M Show, 10 minutes of News, Talk and Entertainment. I do marketing for VC backed software companies and would be happy to present on email marketing, affiliate programs, or the history of DC Comics.
  64. Chris Brooks - I run talkr.com. I'm interested in hearing where people think podcasting is headed over the next few years.
  65. Critt Jarvis - I'm ramping up conversationbase.com, a site enabled by WordPress, Grazr and OPML. I want to meet folks like Tom Morris and see what I can learn about podcasting.
  66. ScottyJ - I'm a new podcaster (Secaucast), and podplay producer (Desolate METROPOLIS), interested in networking and meeting the great folks with this shared interest. I am willing to conduct a session on converting works for the stage into a podplay, from all aspects of production.
  67. John Lewis - I am an engineer for the broadband unit of Verizon. I have also owned and operated a successful financial planning practice for 14 yrs. I have expertise in sales, marketing, business structure, financing and debt. Host of Southpaw Syndicate A Country Music Podcast that showcases Nashville singer/songwriters and Podsafe artists.
  68. Randy Mann just a swimming pool guy with a video blog
  69. Amanda Michel, Berkman Center
  70. Tom Ostrowski Manager, elearning at Iron Mountain (Boston)..looking for talented designers/developers of elearning including podcasting for our corporate environment
  71. Eric Olson - Business Development at FeedBurner and host of the  VentureWeek podcast (oh, yeah - and a beantown native/huge Red Sox fan!) Shoot a note to erico%.com.feedburner.com if you'd like to schedule some time with me during podcamp or if you just have some questions you'd like answered. Also, I'd love to speak/do some training sessions so let me know what you need.
  72. Amanda Watlington -- search engine marketer.
  73. Kevin Mullins Addicted to Podcasts; enjoy blogging and writing on Management and System Management Topics
  74. David Meerman Scott Writing a book "The New Rules of Marketing & PR" (due out late 2007 from Wiley) and want to meet people doing cool stuff with podcasting.
  75. Matt Griffin Freelance sound designer/recordist, MoS employee and podcast listener. I'm experienced in audio production and would be more than happy to help anyone with anything, really.
  76. Jim O'Connell In the process of getting a couple of podcasts up and running. I will be happy to supply the world-weary cynicism.
  77. Jay Moonah Toronto podcaster and bassist/harmonica player for Uncle Seth, the "official band of Canadian podcasting" - jay%.com.musicface.com
  78. Tara Thompson singer for Uncle Seth
  79. Jeff Jones guitarist for Uncle Seth
  80. Chris Patheiger percussionist for Uncle Seth
  81. Bonnie Peirce Librarian, Podcaster, Storyteller, co-founder of thebestkidsbooksite.com.
  82. Steve Lubitz Podcaster, Producer and Co-Host of Extra Points: The Fantasy Football Podcast and The Wicked Good Podcast
  83. [mwhowie08%.com.yahoo.comMichael Howland]
  84. [dcs%.com.thebestkidsbooksite.comCraig Murphy]
  85. [mailto:campspam%.com.askjimb.com Jim Barrett] Podcaster, Co-host and producer of The Mind of Men Podcast
  86. Leesa Barnes Podcaster, speaker & author. Can lead a few sessions on business podcasting, podcasting for trade shows, how U.S. podcasting stats stack up from around the world.
  87. Eric Skiff - Podcaster, Video Podcaster, Creating content on the cheap
  88. Scott Johnson - Blogger, Podcaster, Entrepreneur
  89. Sabine Kirstein - Instructional Designer, Blogger
  90. Joe Co-Founder of The PodSalesNetwork,Inc. and Co-Host of the SalesRoundup Podcast, Producer of AgentRoundup Podcast
  91. William Widugiris III Podcaster, Producer - GoldBarRadio
  92. Minic Rivera Blogger, Editor and Founder - TheBloggingTimes
  93. Jason Van Orden Podcaster, Podcasting Consultant & Author of Promoting Your Podcast. I'd love to talk about biz podcasting, making money with podcasts or audio production.
  94. TC Kirkham Podcast co-host of Subject:CINEMA, producer, voiceover artist, blogger
  95. Kim Brown Podcast co-host of Subject:CINEMA, voiceover artist, blogger
  96. JoEllen Yannis occational podcaster of Boston/NE rock. Interested in all things new media, marketing and promotion
  97. audubon dougherty videographer, photographer, writer working in human rights. very interested in new & interactive media, and video blog podcasting. happy to help on the 9th.
  98. Larry Bouchie, KMC Partners Listener, enthusiast, supporter.
  99. [two_point_five_cats%.com.yahoo.comDebbie Block-Schwenk] Media Studies student, interested in all new media. Would love to get involved in a liberal/progressive political podcast.
  100. [admin%.com.zakiyaalake.comZakiya Alake, Roxbury,MA] launching a place-based web site to connect residents of the Greater Roxbury neighborhood. This is a community development project with a citizen journalism component.
  101. Bill Jankowski Runner. Proof that you, too, can both write coherently and drop at least a couple of pounds.
  102. Dale Cruse Website creator and bassist. Publisher of the only daily news weblog dedicated to bass players.
  103. [XSleepWalkerX%.com.gmail.comMike Wood] Podcast listener and enthusiast and not too sure what else to say.
  104. Franklin McMahon - Audio/Video Podcast Producer, Photographer, Director, Editor, Graphic Designer. Producer of several podcasts including Media Artist Secrets, Rumor Girls and Secrets of Second Life. Owner of visual design company fmstudio.com.
  105. Karla Gilbert Hair stylist, producer and host of Rumor Girls
  106. Karen Gilbert Designer, producer and host of Rumor Girls
  107. Shwen Gwee Founder and host of ETech%.com.Work Podcast and soon-to-be panelist on Driving Innovative Thinking Through Podcasting. Also a corporate (internal) podcaster and interested in the application of podcasting (and other emerging technologies) in medicine/healthcare/pharma and business.
  108. Michelle Cummings - independent musician, possibly podsafe musician, interested in learning more about podcasting
  109. Matt Meyer - Michelle's percussionist, interested in learning more about podcasting
  110. Clinton Alvord - creator of comedy4cast podcast, hoping to learn a bit about videocasting.
  111. Charles McEnerney Host + Producer for Well-Rounded Radio, Marketer at WGBH Boston for Lifestyle podcasts for Simply Ming, The Victory Garden, etc. Am interested in meeting others who are passionate about music and learning how other podcasters are growing their audience.
  112. Drew Olanoff - creator of the Best Damn Tech Show, Period., Gmail4Troops.com, scriggity, and evangelist for pluggd.
  113. Greg Cangialosi - President & CEO of Blue Sky Factory, Inc a leading communications service provider based in Baltimore, MD. I am an avid blogger and have been involved in many corporate podcasts. My blog can be found at The Trend Junkie.
  114. Jon Follett - Writer. Blogger. Visual designer. Future podcaster. Musician.
  115. Tim Cotter - Online Editor. Blogger.
  116. Whitney Hoffman Podcaster of the LD Podcast. For parents, by parents of children with learning disabilities. I want to connect with other podcasters in this growing medium.
  117. Craig Molway - Professional editorial music photographer, Blogger and future podcaster. I would like to know how I can help promote this event with photography.
  118. Ira Krakow- Podcaster. Blogger. Looking to help out any way I can. Email: ira%.com.irakrakow.com.
  119. Jake Shapiro - Executive Director, PRX Public Radio Exchange; fellow Berkman Center for Internet & Society. Building bridges between social media and public media.
  120. Nathan Woodhull - Software Developer, PRX Public Radio Exchange. Builder of software to connect new voices with public broadcasting. Possible topic: Getting your podcast heard on terrestrial radio.
  121. [skolpadda%.com.gmx.netAlice Fritz] - webdesign and KM, podcasting soonest. Happy to help with writing, graphics, onsite prep, or other
  122. Courtney Rau Unbridled enthusiasm for music and a willingness to learn.
  123. Charlotte Lofranco Groupie/Roadie/Piczo Website Manager for Uncle Seth and general music/podcast lover.
  124. Noel Armstrong - listener, new media consumer
  125. Francesca Rheannon Producer of weekly radio show Writer's Voice (broadcast & podcast)
  126. Kevin Kennedy-Spaien Blogger, podcaster, podsafe musician, Executive Producer of Health programming for Grasshopper New Media, can address basic website promotion, managing a group podcast.
  127. Bill Hector Weye Webmaster & Developer for Valley Free Radio; Internet communication consultant
  128. Mark Marino eLearning Geek, interested in exploring use of video podcasting for corporate training applications
  129. [dee6122nd%.com.yahoo.comDee Magnoni] Social software fan with interest in eLearning and community applications of podcasting. Will help with writing, promotion, on-site details -- in advance or Sunday, especially.
  130. Indigo Top 10 Sources staff, interested in RSS and OPML especially related to audio and video content.
  131. Bill Palmer Publisher and Founder of iProng.com, voice of the iPod generation. Looking to cover the event in an editorial capacity for my website.
  132. [bbq_lightning%.com.yahoo.com Nancy Stafford] Background in tv and radio production and promotion, music director, program host, and voice over work. Willing to help where needed.
  133. Sarah Urbano Library Technical Services Assistant interested in learning about podcasting.
  134. Scott Kehoe Consultant/Trainer, Northeast Mass. Regional Library System(NMRLS) - podcast fan, interested in starting to create content.
  135. Andrew Bourland Consultant/Blogger/Soon to launch videoblogger, Andover, MA - videoblogging student/practioner, interested in meeting others with similar interests.
  136. Colin Rhinesmith, Berkman Center for Internet & Society
  137. Scott Bleiweis Co-Host of Extra Points: The Fantasy Football Podcast
  138. Lisa B. Marshall Presentation Skills Coach. Interested in video blogging to enhance my business.
  139. Peter Walsh - Editorial webmaster at college site. We have been asked to help in events/networking for college sites.
  140. Alexis Ohanian no podcast :( just one of the reddit guys
  141. Andrea Mercado - PLA Blog manager, Techie librarian for Reading Public Library. Attendee (can offer limited help before 9/6 and that weekend).
  142. Owen Mack co-founder/strategic chief of coBRANDiT. coBRANDiT is a social media and marketing consultancy specializing in web video for online communities. Would be happy to discuss videoblogging technology (integrating video into blogger or MT, RSS, etc.) and marketing uses of video, current ad/media zeitgeist, and related stuff. I also own and manage KitchenArts, an independent kitchenware store in Boston's Back Bay. KitchenArt's web presence consists of a videoblog linked to an ebay store, check it out at KitchenArts.biz. I'll give a lightning talk on this if anyone wants to hear about this business.
  143. Mark Frydenberg - Bentley College, Waltham, MA - Computer Information Systems Dept. - I can talk about podcasting in the classroom, and show examples of video podcasts my students created, or talk about Podcasting with your  Pocket PC (Sunday only).
  144. Diana B. Shaw - Texell Interactive Media - Podcast production - Interested in meeting others in the podcasting community.
  145. [mailto:biotic%.com.mac.com Andy Potter aka Biotic] - Black Sweater, White Cat (Broadcast to Podcast)Interested in meeting others in the podcasting community. Available to talk about leveraging free net resources for non-commercial, CC licensed podcasting without incurring costs. archive.org, blogger, etc. (Also interested in organizing possible carpool from the Berkshires).
  146. Tara Greco - marketer. enthusist. want to learn more about podcasting and videocasting.
  147. Jonathan J. Reinhart aka ^Raven^ - Podcaster, Library Trustee, Library Assistant, poet, and gamer. Interested in improving my podcast, learning better methods of podcasting, how to podcast on the free, and wanting to learn how to videocast and conduct voice interviews/podcasts over the internet.
  148. Brian Herzog - Public librarian and former marketing specalist - interested in picking up practical applications of podcasting for a small public library, and ideas for convincing my library that it'll help patrons.
  149. [mailto:sagrant%.com.hbs.eduSara Grant] - Production coordinator and podcast listener
  150. Brian Christiansen - blogger, professional Mac tech. - I can help if stuff breaks. Check out my link for more on my background and interests, etc...
  151. Jake Harvey - blogger, web designer and developer from Connecticut.
  152. [mailto:spriver%.com.minlib.netSue Priver] - technology librarian at Needham Free Public Library - avid blog reader - trying to bring my library and its librarians up to speed on current technologies
  153. Matt Leonard a.k.a. The Doctor - Boston, MA. Host of Brain Damage, the worlds first Pink Floyd podcast. I'm also a weekend DJ for 107.3 WAAF. Interested in meeting others in the podcasting community. I'm also interested in learning how to improve the website/blog side of things as I'm more of a DJ/production guy than a web guy.
  154. Michael Bailey - Developer of the MyChingo Audio Comment System, soon to become the MobaTalk Comment System. I'm also the president/CEO of Mobasoft, LLC. I am interested in developing two-way communication services for others in the pod/vidcasting community. I have no financial backers and am doing everything myself.
  155. Rhonda Sussman - librarian with training wheels-looking to learn more about the latest technologies.
  156. Chris Kupec - Public librarian - interested in applying podcasting to what I do, especially music review dissemination.
  157. Robert Desmarais-a video blogger
  158. [mailto:tomapop2000%.com.gmail.comGary Clark]-listener and learner
  159. Laura Allen- Co-founder http://www.15SecondPitch.com Happy to help attendees create their 15SecondPitch.
  160. Sean Hurley Audio Theater podcaster, voice-actor, all-around helper.
  161. Adam Broitman - Director of Emerging and Creative Strategy at Morpheus Media and author of amediacircus.wordpress.com. I have to admit, I have yet to podcast. I listen to a number podcasts (i.e. Across The Sound, The M Show) and I am about to start one that will be at amediacirc.us. I will help in any way I can! I am here to learn and am very excited :)
  162. Erin Short - learner, listener, non-profit podcaster
  163. Andrew Canepari - I'm a blogger about to jump into podcasting. Also interested in corp. podcasting.
  164. Daniel Jalkut - Mac software developer and blogger. Avid podcast listener and potential broadcaster. I can help with any Mac technical issues.
  165. Dave Pye - Local Boston Blogger and Search Marketer. Gearing up for his podcast debut and looking for tips from the best Beantown has to offer.
  166. Julien Smith Podcaster and general political agitator.
  167. Bob Goyetche founder Rogic podcast conglomerate, editor of CanadaPodcasts.ca, podcaster and julien's personal chauffeur.
  168. Kristin Motta, Director of CM Access, and eager to learn about podcasting.
  169. Erica George, blogger working on citizen journalism project that will include podcasting and video. Esp. interested in technical how-to, sound and video file editing, etc.
  170. [emanlove%.com.ieee.orgEd Manlove] - interested in social computing, WGBH Forum Network, and CC Licensing issues.
  171. Mark Blevis Hobbyist and Corporate Podcast Producer (Electric Sky, Canadian Podcast Buffet, JustOneMoreBook and Tripwire's Studio T)
  172. Robert Allen The Wedding Podcast Network - Advice worth listening to™ If anyone attending is a newlywed I would love to interview you at the event for our Newlywedcast program. Let me know send me an email [mailto:robert%.com.thewpn.com robert%.com.thewpn.com]
  173. Hadley Stern Fidelity Investors Weekly Podcast, Fidelity Personal Finance Podcast
  174. Emil Gallant Web guy for International Student Network, interested in learning more about podcasting.
  175. Cinda Donovan Host of Boston's Two Pros in a Pod, a video podcast full of tips for the small business owner. Would love to talk with others about marketing podcast shows!!
  176. Janet McGlynn Executive Producer for Boston's video podcast Two Pros in a Pod. Would love to find out more about sponsoring video podcast shows.
  177. J.C. Bouvier - Podcaster, general video industry cat. Principal, Bouvier Consulting & Managing Director - The Woods Hole Film Festival
  178. Justin Kownacki - Writer / Director / Producer of the hit comedy web series "Something to Be Desired" (or STBD) in Pittsburgh. Interested in trading vidcasting tips and learning more about the web video economy. Will spill secrets for food.
  179. Andrew Baron - Rocketboom (founder&creator).
  180. Joanne Colan - Rocketboom.
  181. Sherng-Lee - Rocketboom.
  182. Elspeth - Rocketboom.
  183. Jon Petitt - Editor, Bostonist.
  184. [mailto:hermit%.com.irishhermit.comTom Gosse] - Irish Hermit, neophyte podcaster, vlogger and video aficionado.
  185. Mary Kay Lofurno- Business to Business Technology Internet Marketer - Adjunct Professor - Have two blogs and two podcast series on my site, and want to learn more
  186. Chris Nesti - Hip-Hop/Reggae/Rock/Soul Producer/Beatmaker/Digital Audio Engineer- podcast virgin looking for a good time
  187. Gary Grainger - just interested in everything Chris Brogan does! (I probably won't make it from the UK but it would be nice to get a T-shirt!)
  188. Alex Bowers - Charlestown Bridge newspaper editor interested in podcasting
  189. Stephen Turcotte - President of Backbonemedia and SCOUT blogging services. I am an avid listener of PR podcasts and I'd like to learn more about podcasting.
  190. Megan Dickinson Interactive Media Data Analyst at Backbone Media, looking to learn more about podcasting.
  191. Peter Van Dijck Videoblogger and mefeedia founder :)
  192. Mark Henderson OUtlET Co-founder, Art community organizer and 'new media type'
  193. Kristen Crusius- Content producer for Exploit Boston/Exploit Boston TV. kristen at exploitboston.com
  194. Kevin Marks - Video Blogger, Bootleg conference webcaster, Principal Engineer, Technorati. kmarks at technorati.com
  195. Melissa McInnis - Recruiter at Digitas, mmcinni1 at digitas.com
  196. Alexander J. Wei - podcast lurker, point4302 at mypacks.net.
  197. Doug Haslam -- Topaz Partners, Podcasting for PR, also representing Podcast Ready. dhaslam at topazpartners.com
  198. Monte Ladner http://www.fitnessrocks.org Medical doctor with a passion for fitness doing a fitness podcast
  199. Shelly Brisbin - host and producer of iProng Radio, Shelly's Podcast, Hollywood on the Radio, and Tracy-Hepburn Podcast. Boy are my jaws tired. shellyspodcast at gmail dot com.
  200. [mailto:rtabasky%.com.cyber.law.harvard.eduBecca Tabasky] - Berkman Center for Internet and Society
  201. [mailto:bmartino%.com.aloftgroup.comBrent Martino] - Associate Creative Director - Interactive Aloft Group, Inc. Podcaster http://www.podtini.com
  202. [mailto:thartman%.com.aloftgroup.comTracy Hartman] - Public Relations Director Aloft Group, Inc. Blogger http://www.diaryofaprflack.com
  203. [mailto:mike%.com.mindofmen.comMike Villa] - Podcaster, Web developer, Co-host The Mind of Men Podcast - can only attend Sunday
  204. [mailto:drmonte%.com.fitnessrocks.orgMonte Ladner] - host of the Fitness Rocks Podcast.
  205. [mailto:chalu%.com.adocumenta.orgChalu Kim] - Podcasting developer ( www.nppod.org and www.adocumenta.org)
  206. [mailto:mclarke%.com.hbs.eduMelissa Clarke-Burton] - Harvard Business School - Web Production Team
  207. [mailto:ccarlson%.com.topazpartners.com Christina Carlson] - Topaz Partners, Public Relations, also representing Podcast Ready.
  208. [mailto:dina%.com.adrpracticebuilder.comDina Beach Lynch]- Mediator, author of Mediation Mensch blog, ADR Practice Builder Podcaster wannabe
  209. Mario Librandi - Videoblogger, Director, Producer, Writer, Cameraman, Web designer, Coolifier.
  210. Amanda Congdon - Videoblogger, Producer, Actor, Writer, Lover of all things Garfield and Galactic.
  211. [mailto:hennig%.com.mit.eduNicole Hennig] - web manager & usability specialist for the MIT Libraries
  212. [mailto:phillymac%.com.gmail.comPhillip Zannini] - host of MacNation - One Nation Under Pod, The Metro Moment, Biography Podcast - The Stories of Life, obviously I'm a podcast-o-holic! Oh yes, an in my day job I'm a Information Architect/Business Analyst and Instructional Designer. I'll be there Saturday!
  213. [mailto:aplante%.com.edudirectories.comAdam Plante] - Best Damn Tech Show, Period.
  214. [mailto:chris%.com.edudirectories.comChris Schmidt] - Best Damn Tech Show, Period.
  215. Brandon Morse - Best Damn Tech Show, Period.
  216. [mailto:mulmer%.com.edudirectories.comMatthew Ulmer] - Educational Directories Unlimited, BlogAbroad
  217. Stefanie Altman - Educational Directories Unlimited
  218. [mailto:alisa%.com.edudirectories.comAlisa Jurkowski] - Collegeabroad
  219. [mailto:mike%.com.blip.tvMike Hudack] - blip.tv
  220. [mailto:dina%.com.blip.tvDina Kaplan] - blip.tv
  221. [mailto:justin%.com.blip.tvJustin Day] - blip.tv
  222. [mailto:charles%.com.blip.tvCharles Hope] - blip.tv
  223. [mailto:sfturner%.com.gmail.comSeth Turner] - Multimedia Student. Interested in learning about all aspects of New Media communication.
  224. [mailto:mmicari%.com.yahoo.comMatt Micari] Educator at City Lab, Ed/Tech Student, Podcasting neophyte.
  225. [mailto:podmusic411%.com.gmail.comGreg Johnson] - PodMusic411, Greg & Vicki, the hosts of PodMusic411, a weekly music podcast. We're interested in learning more and sharing what we know. Greg is a PodSafe Musician with The Whiskey River Band and also a Mac/computer guru.
  226. [mailto:podmusic411%.com.gmail.comVicki Adams] - PodMusic411, Greg & Vicki, the hosts of PodMusic411, a weekly music podcast. We're interested in learning more and sharing what we know.
  227. William McAdoo - I know very little about podcasting but would like to learn all there is to know. I can help out in any way at all, just let me know. wamcadoo%.com.aol.com
  228. [mailto:info%.com.getknownnow.comSuzanne Falter-Barns] I am an expert in helping people create a branded blog/web presence so they can suitably impress media and build platform as an expert in their field. Get Known Now Blog
  229. Mitch Joel- Host of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast and President of Twist Image - all the way from Montreal, Quebec.
  230. Bob McCarthy-Pro Wrestling video cast featuring interviews and matches from around the world.
  231. [mailto:news%.com.scriggity.comShauna Paukune] - host of the weekly news video blog scriggity, coming via the very generous wildtab.com.
  232. [hendrey%.com.mac.comGen Hendrey] - VP of the Boston Cecilia. Interested in Podcasting for marketing. Not sure how I can help, but am open...
  233. [mailto:steve%.com.tutorialdepot.comSteve Albanese] - Producer, Interactive Media Developer, and Author specializing in training and HOW TO content. TutorialDEPOT. I can help out with content and training sessions (Audio production).
  234. [mailto:ozonetv%.com.mac.comOrrin Zucker] [http://www.itsjerrytime.com].
  235. [mailto:ozonetv%.com.mac.comJerry]. [http://www.itsjerrytime.com].
  236. [mailto:chris%.com.libsyn.comChris_MacDonald]. Libsyn, Libsyn Pro, IndieFeed Born/bred up on on the North Shore, I'm here to help media producers publish, monetize and market their content, but mostly here to have a good time and soak it in.
  237. [mailto:Ted.Sudol%.com.gmail.comTed Sudol]. [http://www.ExploreAK.com], Soon to be podcast based on 25 years of experiences about the spirit as well as the sights of Alaska,travel tips, along with some stories and interviews from some interesting AK characters. Even if you weren't planning a trip to Alaska I'd like to get your imagination flowing to go somewhere. I'm coming to learn how to do a quality podcast that will draw listeners and meet some of the people I've been reading about and conversing with via email.
  238. [mailto:tshirts%.com.mac.comSteve_Consilvio]. If I knew about this event earlier, I could have gotten you T-Shirts at cost. The Revolution and the Renaissance will not be televised, it will be on the web. I am a writer, software developer and small business owner, who still has a lot to learn. The web is the only place free of censorship (if you self publish.) Squeegee Graphics Augur Software Be Happy And Free The Apple Loop I look forward to meeting creative people who Think Different.
  239. [mailto:Ted.Sudol%.com.gmail.comKathy Sudol]. [http://www.ExploreAK.com], Elementary school teacher. I'm looking to start a podcast for my 3rd grade class. Talk about what is happening in the classroom and give the students a chance to express themselves.
  240. [mailto:podcamp%.com.steverrobbins.comStever Robbins]. Executive development, entrepreneurial coaching, hypnotist, Master Trainer of NLP, aspiring video personality, author, business/leadership columnist, serial entrepreneur.
  241. Robin Lubbock. Director of New Media at wbur.org.
  242. [mailto:nahum%.com.schmooz.orgNahum Gershon]. [http://www.schmooz.org], Schmoozer. Likes to broaden the concept and practice of storytelling especially with new media including podcasting, video casting and blogging. Thrives to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each medium and technology and learn how to use them sensibly.
  243. Joe Marotta Podcaster, Local Search Directory
  244. Martha Rogers blogger, Trainer, Accidental Techie, IT Coordinator for PACE, Inc. in New Bedford, MA
  245. MaryHelen Votral career advocate, new media amateur, CreativeCamp organizer
  246. Emily Judem podcaster for Colby College communications office.
  247. Zach Braiker blogger with Quiver + Quill.
  248. Lorenz Sell automatic slideshows Kindfish.
  249. [mailto:jspool%.com.uie.com Jared M. Spool] Podcaster for User Interface Engineering (UIE)
  250. [mailto:info%.com.robpennoyer.com Rob Pennoyer] Video and podcast producer, photographer.
  251. [mailto:plejeune%.com.comcast.net Philippe Lejeune] developing a hybrid Drawing Class(half time online)using Flash/Video/Audio... Drawing Class  Cape Cod Community College.
  252. [mailto:paul%.com.success.orgPaul Watts] Webmaster of Success.org and their twice iTunes featured podcast, the Master Real Estate Course.
  253. [mailto:cstone%.com.epe.orgCraig Stone] Senior Online Producer at edweek.org.
  254. Benjamin Lowengard Technical Consultant for The Big Mattress, Owlgarden, and other media oriented sites.
  255. Ronald Pruett CEO Offertrax. RSS shopping for merchants and consumers.
  256. Janelle McCool Associate Career Advocate, eager to learn about podcasting!
  257. Dan Freund Media producer looking to network.
  258. Frederic Deriot - Knowledge Energies- Expert in communities of interest networks, knowledge capitalization through integrated collaboration.
  259. J. Scott Hamilton We have a hosted phone svc that answers audience calls for radio and TV stations. Many of our clients have put their podcasts on their phone lines, so we're rolling out a free service for podcasters. When your audience forgets to synch up and/or is away from a PC, they can call your number and have your podcast played for them on demand. They can also leave you msgs which you can incorporate into your podcasts. Again, it's free. email me at jsh%.com.voodoovox.com if you want to discuss.
  260. David Tames Filmmaker, Podcaster (Art Film Talk), and Media Technologist.
  261. [mailto:robert.judem%.com.fmr.com Bob Judem] software developer, assisting Emily Judem, postcaster for Colby College.
  262. Dean Jansen Currently developing tutorials, about online video, for the Participatory Culture Foundation.
  263. Mike Maddaloni Internet Consultant/Founder and President of Dunkirk Systems, Chicago. I have done some podcasting work, and I will be in town, so what better opportunity to learn, and see John Wall at the same time?!
  264. [mailto:dpratt%.com.mestek.com Don Pratt] video producer, industrial trainer, Director of the Reed Institute, consultant to BentoTV.com.
  265. [mailto:hatchew%.com.hotmail.com Megin Hatch] beginner blogger and podcast contributor.
  266. [mailto:hatchew%.com.hotmail.com Rob Hatch] blogger, beginning podcaster and Chris Brogan fan.
  267. [mailto:jeff%.com.jeffcutler.comJeff Cutler] Writer, blogger, podcaster, human. I've been hosting A Life of Play podcast since the spring and writing professionally since 1988. Mountain biking author and expert. Open to being interviewed by other podcasters.
  268. [mailto:rwestervelt%.com.techtarget.com Rob Westervelt] News Editor, SearchSAP.com and host of SearchSAP podcasts.
  269. Jenny Attiyeh Host/Producer of ThoughtCast, a podcast and public radio interview program with authors and academics.
  270. Matt Searles Sound Artist, New Media Artist, Old Media Artist, blogger, animator, video-er, and of course America's Favorit Mystic Prophet Philosopher Artist... oh yeah.. and sometimes I attempt podcasts... I don't know what I can do to help.. what do you need?
  271. [mailto:lakefilm%.com.comcast.net Rick Widmer] lakefilm doc film-maker, editor.
  272. Joaquin-Ben Cotten Blogger, Podcast enthusiast.
  273. Paul Bartholomew - sometime blogger, IT professional, eager student - Happy to help out if needed.
  274. SpaceDogG A thru F didn't make it. Find out why...
  275. [mailto:jayfitzgerald20%.com.hotmail.comJay Fitzgerald] - Boston Herald reporter and blogger (Hub Blog).
  276. Didier Collin - epod, listener
  277. Emily Lohmann - Host of Hotrods and Trail Trish podcast
  278. Matt Lohmann - Host/Producer/Designer of Multiple Podcasts at maniclab.com
  279. Steve Bridges (a.k.a. VooDooStevie) - Host/Producer/Freelance Designer/Single/Male/32/Leo (oh, wrong site...) I am the host of VooDooRadio which is one of the VERY few podcasts from the Greater Springfield, MA area otherwise known as Western Massachusetts. The show is a combination of audio blog and music.
  280. Darleen Wilson - multimedia enthusiast, WGBH.org
  281. [mailto:scott%.com.podcast.com Scott Beatty] - Founder, Podcast.com
  282. [mailto:richard%.com.podcast.com Richard Manson-Hing] - Software Architect, Podcast.com
  283. Henrik Sandell - The Boston Associates, a venture development firm. Advisor to Offertrax, an RSS-enabled social shopping startup.
  284. Mitch Allen - Podcast producer for Rockosphere. E-mail: mitch-at-mitchallen-dot-com
  285. [mailto:jelmore%.com.wesleyan.edu John Elmore] - Art Director, Center for the Arts, Wesleyan University
  286. [mailto:lindleyelmore%.com.sbcglobal.net Lindley Elmore] - Podcast enthusiast
  287. Evan Pew - Illustrator / Fine Artist / Podcaster wanna-b / sometimes sound artist / Poet / etc.. Idk, what can i do for you?
  288. Mal Watlington - Consultant / Blogger / Occasional podcaster / Anything done on the water / SciFi Junkie /
  289. Jon Keesecker - Indy radio journalist / activist
  290. Vic Podcaster - Podcaster, Speaker and New Media Evangelist - Hot From Silicon Valley Podcast features Hot Startups on a regular basis
  291. [mailto:mountainroad%.com.comcast.netElissa Mintz] - Video production, podcast rubbernecker
  292. Whitney Hoffman-Podcaster/Attorney- Interested in networking and learning as much as possible!
  293. [mailto:phil_lupsiewicz%.com.nps.govPhil Lupsiewicz], Media and Communications Director, NPS
  294. [mailto:matt%.com.divergingsoul.comMatt Molk] - DivergingSoul Productions , Audio and New Media
  295. [mailto:loupanic%.com.hotmail.comLou Paniccia] - Tech enthusiast, Musician, Artist Relations Rep at Sonicbids.com.
  296. Steven Hughes - MobilityGuys Podcast about Mobile Technology, Technology Evangalist and Gadget Enthusiast.
  297. [mailto:podcast%.com.ccsol.com Jim House] Software and Crapy Web Sites Developer at ccsol.com.
  298. Jake Karger Radio & New Media
  299. [mailto:annie%.com.fishinhand.com Annie Berman] Documentarian, Fish in the Hand Productions
  300. Jonathan Rudy - podcast listener from the Student Loan Network, Chris Penn's co-worker
  301. Katie Dexter - PodCamp T-shirt model, podcast listener from the Student Loan Network, Chris Penn's co-worker
  302. [mailto:mphelan%.com.klassmaster.comMike Phelan] - podcast software developer
  303. [mailto:shava%.com.freehaven.netShava Nerad] - executive director The Tor Project
  304. [mailto:jdangora%.com.sonicbids.comJennifer D'Angora] - Sonicbids Marketing at Sonicbids, local musician.
  305. [mailto:mikepk%.com.grazr.comMike Kowalchik] - Grazr Corp.
  306. [mailto:tliptay%.com.yahoo.comTiffany Liptay] Software Manager, podcaster wanna-be.
  307. [mailto:nsjacob%.com.gmail.comNigel Jacob] Special Advisor to Boston Mayor, Hacker, podcaster.
  308. [mailto:albertjsullivan%.com.gmail.comAlbert Sullivan] - videographer, event videographer.
  309. [mailto:quincydrummer%.com.yahoo.comJimmy Rochelle] - Host for Rockosphere.
  310. [mailto:deb%.com.chameleonsdream.comDeb Powers] - Blogger, poet, performer, podcaster wannabe, content provider Girls Want Porn.
  311. [mailto:hannibal004%.com.yahoo.comSergio Leon] - broadcasting student,podcaster wannabe,cctv intern.
  312. [mailto:jeff%.com.pulver.comJeff Pulver] - poker player, technology geologist, blogger, parallel entrepreneur, chairman of pulvermedia and living at pulver.com. Oh and my video blog is a work-in-process.
  313. [mailto:jloftus%.com.techtarget.comJack Loftus] - News Writer, SearchOpenSource.com, podcast listener, Infendo blogger.
  314. [mailto:jaskin%.com.pulver.comJonathan Askin] - pulver.com's Wartime Consigliere / General Counsel / Director of the Guy Who Knows a Guy ... Who Knows a Guy.
  315. [mailto:jaimechapoy%.com.gmail.comJaime Chapoy] - Geneticist, and interested in learning about podcasts.
  316. [mailto:josephaverett%.com.mail.comJoseph Averett] - homeschooler, scion of Shava Nerad
  317. Laurie Bragg - non-profit event coordinator, historian
  318. [mailto:mike2367%.com.gmail.comMichael Cantone] UMB student
  319. [mailto:markhanser%.com.markhanser.comMark Hänser] - multimedia artist markhanser.com, educator, blögger, friend of Podcast Boy
  320. [mailto:spiraldance1%.com.excite.comHawthorne] - producer & host weekly radio show. Want to learn about podcasting.
  321. [mailto:smcintosh%.com.monh.orgSherry McIntosh] director of marketing at a museum. Want to learn about podcasting.
  322. [mailto:n1guz%.com.yahoo.comJohn Cook] - Hope I'm not too late. Blogger, Vlogger, Software Developer.
  323. [mailto:peter.dupuis%.com.gmail.comPeter Dupuis] - IT Director and project manager for 60 inner-city schools and podcast learner.
  324. [mailto:alex%.com.agencynext.comAlex Neihaus] - Principal at AgencyNext, Inc.
  325. [mailto:stevea%.com.backbonemedia.comSteven Abramowitz] - Internet Marketing Strategies Consultant at Backbone Media. Looking to learn more...
  326. [mailto:cara%.com.projectthinkdifferent.orgCara Lisa Powers] - Media Education Organizer at Project: Think Different
  327. [mailto:rwatrous%.com.childhealthservices.orgRick Watrous] - contributing blogger for Area603, media literacy educator for MediaSmart
  328. [mailto:hellermd%.com.gmail.comRichard Heller]-curious podcast enthusiast, Addiction Specialist
  329. [mailto:kristenhellr%.com.yahoo.comKristen Heller] - podcast listener
  330. [rjhkphdms%.com.yahoo.comSteven Heller] - podcast listener
  331. [jm3982%.com.aol.comJohn Moore] - graphic designer, media educator and podcast listener
  332. [mailto:bbaue%.com.verizon.netBill Baue] -
  333. [mailto:mike%.com.salesroundup.comMike Tremblay - Co producer of the SalesRoundup Podcast
  334. Corporate Watchdog Radio producer/host, SocialFunds.com and Business Ethics magazine writer
  335. [mailto:matthewwalterdawson%.com.yahoo.comMatthew Dawson] - High School Teacher wanting to use podcasts in the classroom
  336. [mailto:jteece%.com.yahoo.comJennifer Teece] - technology editor, interested in how podcasts can be used in education
  337. [mailto:aliveinbaghdad%.com.gmail.comBrian Conley] - coordinator, Alive in Baghdad, interested in networking and expanding the role of "citizen journalism" in videoblogging
  338. [mailto:randy.f%.com.earthlink.netRandy Fenstermacher] - skeptic, blogger, and Wikipedian
  339. [mailto:everett.harris%.com.gmail.comEverett Harris] - unemployed and I have no podcast, just seeing what this is about
  340. [mailto:info%.com.djmixacademy.comEric Patel] - Senior Instructor at the DJ Mix Academy, podcast listener
  341. [mailto:djc%.com.nerdstogo.comDavid Colella] - CEO of Nerds To Go, my customers want to be podcasters and bloggers... how can I help them?
  342. [mailto:secondsuperpower%.com.yahoo.comJim Moore] - blogger, financier, inventor Jim's journal,and producer of OPML professional tools for developers and podcasters at OPML Workstation
  343. [mailto:hhouh%.com.podzinger.comHenry Houh] - VP Ops and Tech at PodZinger, a podcast search engine site
  344. [mailto:joemont%.com.comcast.comJoe Mont] - journalist, aspiring podcaster
  345. [mailto:jgomezmarquez%.com.yahoo.comJose Gomez-Marquez] - student, podcasting enthusiast
  346. Seth Aaronson - interested in learning more about podcasting
  347. [mailto:kitchkonspiracy%.com.gmail.comMatt and Emily Lohmann] - video podcast on ultra living and cocktology.

(From the organizers: Please include your e-mail address when you register. We have a few e-mails

that we want to send to the participants in the days leading up to PodCamp about logistics, what to bring/what not to bring, etc. We may also send a couple of e-mails after the event, to point you to relevant URLs for the DVD, etc. )

Also from the organizers: Sponsorship CLOSES on Thursday, September 7, 2006. If you or your company would like to sponsor PodCamp and gain recognition at the event, please finalize your sponsorships by September 7, 2006. Click here for more.

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