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Presentations and Sessions


Who Can Speak at PodCamp


You can. Yes, you. Everyone can. Unlike a regular conference where speaking slots are allotted only to the highest bidder, Unconferences are by you, for you. If you don't see a session here that you want, create one and present it! Share what you know and your fellow participants will do the same.


The Law of Two Feet


Simply put: your experience at PodCamp is what you want it to be. At any time, if you're not learning what you want to learn, if you're not getting what you need, you have every right to depart the session you're in and move to a different one, or none at all.sprzedam bilet


Types of Sessions and Presentations


  • Presentation: 30 minutes in a room of your peers. Help us all learn something new... The intelligence is in the room... discuss a topic that interests you... get everyone involved...
  • Lightning Talk: 5-minute impromptu talk in a quiet corner on a gem you've discovered and want to share.
  • Jam Session: 30 minutes of your acoustic music if you're a musician - let us hear you live! Be sure to bring some merch for a table in the corner.
  • Lightning Concert: 5 minutes of your best acoustic song whenever, whenever. sprzedam mieszkanie


List of Sessions Offered and Sessions Wanted


Sessions Offered


  • 5 Minute Lightning Keynote- Chris Brogan - It's an unconference, so no keynotes, but I want to talk. Want to listen?
  • Customizing Your FeedBurner Feed For Podcasting - Ira Krakow, podcasting-specific tips. I'm NOT associated with FeedBurner, only a happy user
  • Marketing Your Self & Your Content - C.C. Chapman & Mitch Joel , breaking out of the familiar and finding your community < a href="http://www.hipotekaplus.pl/kredyt_mieszkaniowy" title="kredyt mieszkaniowy" target="_blank"" style="text-decoration: none; font-size:1px">kredyt mieszkaniowy
  • Panel Discussion - Podcast Formats -- Chris Brogan, Bryan Person, Christopher Penn, John Wall, Adam Weiss, Leesa Barnes, Clinton Alvord
  • Inside a Pre-Launch Podcasting Media Company- Chris Brogan...
  • Podcast Marketing - How To Grow Your Audience - Christopher Penn - now new and improved!
  • Corporate Podcasting - Christopher Penn - being the mouthpiece of a company for fun and profit. Chris will join forces for this presentation with Larry Lawfer to discuss...
  • Pricing principles and multiple deliverables - - a new value add. We will also discuss how to avoid bankruptcy while you build your brand, clientele and focus.
  • Community Embedded Media- Extending the Conversation - Chris Brogan...
  • Content Networks- Gathering Voices to Improve Reach - Chris Brogan...
  • Teaching through Technology - Podcasts and Education
  • Interviewing techniques Larry Lawfer From the Governor, through celebrities to the guy on the loading dock, methods to make each interview about the person and their story. Mark Blevis of Podcasters Across Borders fame has joined this conversation to add his special outlook to the topic.
  • Power listening - Greg Demetrick How to manage and listen to as many great podcasts as possible
  • Podcasting as a Hobby - Greg Demetrick It does seem like a lot of work for a hobby but you can balance a great podcast with having a life without getting sucked down into endless promoting.
  • Acoustics and audio engineering basics for dummies - Allen Friedman Make that "audio basics BY a dummy," and I'm in. We'll talk dBs and bit rates, reverb and EQ, and how to make good sound better.
  • Podcasting 101: From Concept to Recording and Posting The M Show - John Wall In this introduction to Podcasting we'll cover: Steps Prior to Recording, Show Prep, Recording, Mobile Gear, Editing, Telephone Interviews, and Posting. Perfect for Newbies, or pros who want to ridicule the presenter and play "Stump the Geek".
  • How to Be Smart and Popular: Making Your Podcast Informative and Interesting - Adam Weiss from the Museum of Science's Current Science & Technology Podcast will tell you how you can make a fun and informative podcast using resources your institution already has.
  • Boston Media Makers Meeting - Steve Garfield Join the Boston Media Makers as we gather together and talk about things we are working on. It's an open format where we all can get to know each other better and have fun. UPdate: This will take place at the saturday night cocktail hour from after the last session. Probably from like 5:30 - 7:30, somethinkg like that.
  • New England Podcasting Meetup - Christopher Penn - the monthly meetup for New England Podcasting, only much more so.
  • What the heck is a feed and why do I need one? - Eric Olson I would be happy to lead a session or two on how the feed side of things works. Maybe one session on feed basics and one on how to optimize your feed with FeedBurner. What do you think? I would also be happy to talk about how to set up a blog. wino
  • Finding your voice -- Jack Hodgson How can I discover a distinctive way to express my ideas as a podcast.
  • Planning Your Podcast - Leesa Barnes What you need to know to plan a killer podcast that sizzles and doesn't fizzle.
  • Limited Edition Podcasts - Leesa Barnes How to promote a whitepaper, trade show, conference or book using a short run podcast (less than 10 episodes).
  • Blogging - Greg Demetrick,Ira Krakow Setting up a blog and getting it ready for Pod/VidCasting. Wordpress and Moveable Type will be covered.
  • Corporate Podcasts - Pricing the Job to Make a Living from About.com Guide to Podcasting, John C. Havens.
  • Music Podcasting Panel: Podsafe Music and More with C.C. Chapman, Jay Moonah, Eric Skiff, other music podcasters or musicians PLEASE JOIN! -- A panel on, well, music podcasts and artists involved with podcasting.
  • Should your business be blogging and podcasting? - Bryan Person - Questions and discussion about whether your company is ready to embrace new-media tools.
  • Podcasting and Library Services - Bonnie Peirce - Discussion - Podcasting and its applications and implications for libraries, citizen's media and public libraries...
  • Hollywood 3.0: The Challenge of Video-Podcasting - Casey McKinnon & Rudy Jahchan, GALACTICAST - How to attain a Hollywood quality video on a tight budget.
  • The Advertising/Marketing World and Video Social Media - Owen Mack, coBRANDiT - How we've used our videoblog to open doors and establish credibility in the world of new marketing, and why marketing agencies and new media content providers are interested. The coBRANDiT story includes brand hi-jacking, market research, viral video, word-of-mouth marketing, and other topics sure to get us flamed.
  • On Internet Audiences - Andrew Baron, Rocketboom - Who's out there and what to do with 'em.
  • YouTube, MySpace - Getting people to watch with Best Damn Tech Show, Period., pluggd and scriggity's Drew Olanoff
  • Public Media meets Social Media: How does public radio (and tv) fit in to the evolving podcasting and social media ecosystem? Update on NPR podcasting, PRX, local station efforts, and more. Jake Shapiro and Nathan Woodhull
  • The Larger Picture: Where do blogs and podcasting fit into the larger topic of "social computing"? - Ed Manlove - Try to answer this question and others. What is social computing? What other types of technologies and/or tools fall under the umbrella of "social computing"? What is the "best uses" for each? What are the pros and cons of each type?
  • A Podcast Thunderstorm - 5 Things in 30 Minutes - Steve Garfield I'm thinking that I might take the 5 lighting talks below and do them all in a 30 minutes session. Blog post, audio blog post with computer microphone, video blog post with a webcam, telephone audio blog post, and digital camera video blog post. (CSP: Would that make it a Thunderstorm?) (SG: Yes! Title revised)
  • Extending the Conversation - How you can share ideas, from your own to those of international celebrities, using affordable technology, creativity and passion. (Mark Blevis)
  • Bootleg webcasting to instant videoblog - How to bring remote people into live events, and blog the video afterwards Kevin Marks (SG: The sounds excellent!)
  • How Video Compression works - and why tripods are such a good idea Kevin Marks
  • Video Blog as Visual Art - John Herman - Using television and cinematic camera techniques to increase the visual quality of your video blog post - Also come share your DIY camera/lighting knowledge/tricks!
  • A COLLABORATION - This is going to be a real time video collaboration project among PodCamp attendees. Shoot, optionaly edit and post one or more videos so people can experience the process. Steve Garfield and lots of others!
  • Behind the Show: Best Damn Tech Show, Period. talks about the process, politics, and production of a sponsored podcast.
  • How to use Podcasting as a Corporate Biz Dev Tool - Vic Podcaster - How to do get corporate attention while podcasting and make money. 100+ podcasts in 100 days.
  • Practical Video and Audio Production Techniques (an interactive discussion of how to get better video and audio from a practical perspective, how to improve production values without breaking the budget, from the trenches of recent experiences producing, shooting, and editing a video podcast with high production value demands with tight time and budget constraints at the same time) - David Tames
  • Technologies within the Blogosphere - open group discussion - Bloggers: what technologies do you use? ... Readers: what do you like or dislike? what tools or functionality would you like to see? ... Programmers: how can you bridge the gap? - Ed Manlove


5 Minute Lightning Talks

  • Your very own portable vocal booth in 5 minutes or less - Allen Friedman How to build it; why you need it
  • Marketing with no budget - Greg Demetrick If you have 30 minutes a week and a computer, there are fast and easy ways to market and promote your show that will cost you nothing.
  • Audio Drama Podcasts: Producing Tips - Dan Gorgone - Who's doing them, how you can make your own, people/places that can help, and more.
  • How to Make Sure Search Engines Find Your Podcast? Amanda Watlington If you want search traffic for your podcast, this session will give concrete information on how to get it.
  • Quality Mobile Recording on the Cheap - Adam Weiss - I'll show and describe the inexpensive, small, and high-quality setup I use for Boston Behind the Scenes and parts of the Museum of Science, Boston's Current Science & Technology Podcast. Because the setup I use can be hard to find, I will have a number of Mobile Podcast in a Box setups with me. These are duplicates of what I use, consisting of a refurbished PC/Mac compatible flash-based iRiver recorder with manufacturer's warranty (these cost about $80 when you can find one), a small-but-high-quality microphone, a "How-To" sheet, and a battery. I'm putting these kits together just for Podcamp and only charging $100 to allow new podcasters to get started right at the conferece.
  • Laura Allen Pitch your podcast in 15 seconds flat
  • Owen Mack KitchenArts is a local independent retail kitchenware store trying to compete online with the big players. We've done this by launching a vlog linked to an ebay store. I can discuss my experiences with this from a technical and from a "what works" standpoint.
  • The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Using Podpress for Multiple Feeds - Leesa Barnes You'll learn why using the Podpress plug-in with Wordpress to publish multiple podcast feeds is both a podcaster's dream and a nightmare.
  • How NOT to pitch a blogger/podcaster - Bryan Person - Learning how to engage in the online conversation -- the right way. An ideal session for newcomers and the not-fully-initiated to social media.



Sessions Wanted (Post your ideas about what you want to hear/see/experience!)


Note: The sessions below are suggested only. If you have another topic that you want to present on and don't see it listed here, add the topic and your name to the list above.


  • COMPRESSION, dammit. How do you make good, solid, optimized audio files that look like BRICKS in wav form instead of a ratty toothbrush?
  • Collaborative reporting, news, journalism, We the Media
  • Video Hosting - Where to host video. Free vs. Paid. libsyn, bitTorrent, CoralCache, other Web hosts (like 1x1)
  • Subscriptions - RSS
  • Video Podcasts, Vlogging -
  • Gear Sharing/Discussing - Video
  • Gear Sharing/Discussing - Audio
  • Portable Rigs and Techniques -
  • Meet the Band (talk with a podsafe band)
  • Music Podshows
  • Mashup Cast- a live podcast demo with more than one show!
  • Phone interviews - I'm up for doing a talk on tech requirments for phone interviews as well as tips for best content possible. (John C. Havens)
  • Acoustics and audio engineering basics for dummies
  • Podsearch - how do you find great podcasts?
  • Making Music - Making Music with garageband
  • Listen to your customers - Technorati
  • Hey, can someone show something like iMovie Advanced techniques? That'd be terrific. I can do the basics, but I would love to learn what I can and can't do in iMovie
  • Publicizing Your Podcast - Is an iTunes listing enough? Is Google necessary?
  • "Who owns the content?" - Licensing issues related to podcasts, blogs, etc.? Public vs. private models. Various examples of licensing in practice.
  • Audio levelling and basic post-production tips and tricks
  • The Great Mac vs. PC Debate. Garage Band, Cast Blaster, or Audacity? Why choose one over the other- Round table discussion of pro and cons?


PodCamp Boston Schedule

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