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Improving Your Online Video - Israel Hyman

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"Improve Your Online Video" with Israel Hyman


Aesthetically, most web video is pretty horrible. Because folks don't know how easy it is to create good video, they make major blunders. They shoot up their own nostrils; they distort their faces with incorrect lens settings; they ignore audio quality. Avoid these pitfalls! Beginner or pro? Come join the discussion.


About Israel Hyman: Israel Hyman is the host of Izzy Video, a series of brief online tutorials on how to create better video. He is also the cofounder of Glimpster which produces the online shows Paperclipping, Rolling R's, and Woven Shadows. He has three children, who, like him, have nearly endless energy.


Important Question - Because this is an unconference, it's very important that the audience participate strongly in the discussion. What do you want to hear about? What questions do you have? Let's get the discussion going now before the session really starts...


Add Questions Here:



Interested in Attending


  1. Cheryl Colan
  2. Jason Tucker
  3. Fred van West
  4. Douglas E. Welch
  5. Stephen Mosher
  6. Cj Feierabend
  7. Linda Kern
  8. Bryan Lukasik
  9. Wes Lebsack
  10. Scott Elliott
  11. David Dodell
  12. Monica Kramer
  13. Todd Austin


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