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FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions



Just when you thought you knew all of the facts!


Who the heck is KaRi?


Someone who ... lives in The LBC (Long Beach, CA) who collects and plays local music of bands with upcoming gigs in The 562 ... promotes local art, music and good vibe. Check out www.ThePrimeSpot.com to see Long Beach through the eyes of someone like you!


When can I listen to TPSradio a.k.a. "The Prime Spot" radio show?


Listen LIVE Fall through Spring. TPSradio has broadcasted LIVE from The Podcast Expo (NewMediaExpo.com) since 2005. If it's tough to listen Live on the computer, you can also hear TPSfridays on local cable TV, too! Last but not least, you can ListenAtYourLeisure.com


What's The Inside Scoop?


Currently it's finding others interested in a "Creative Collaboration". Sssshhh!

KaRi = Concept / Content / Creativity / but no technical know-how. If YOU are a geek and can see yourself being associated with URLs like Poddywood.com, Podcouple.com, PoliticalPodcasts.com, PrivatePodcasting.com (the list goes on!) call 562-804-5625 or email theprimespot@aol.com (Yes, that's AOL, seriously!)


Special Thanks to the OCpodcasters esp Scott & Jason for creating this wiki!

KaRi - www.LBpodcasters.com Long Beach, CA

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