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Page history last edited by Christopher Penn 17 years, 7 months ago

To Drew, Adam, and the rest of the Philly gang:


HECK YEAH! You go! We're excited and thrilled to see the PodCamp format spreading just like the BarCamp format did. PodCamp is and always should be a grassroots effort - every city or town that wants one should have one as long as someone steps up to run it.


For obvious reasons (day jobs, free time, etc.) Chris Brogan and I can't make the same investment of time in PodCamp Philly that we did in Boston, but that's a good thing, because this is YOUR show. Every PodCamp should be different and unique. We'll gladly share our advice, counsel, suggestions, and mistakes made with PodCamp Boston, but we want you guys to be the rockstars of PodCamp Philly.


We wish you all the best in creating PodCamp Philly and making it unique to the city of brotherly love. It's so fitting that the revolution started in Boston and is headed to Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Let PodCamp Philly declare OUR independence from old media!


All the best,


Christopher S. Penn and Chris Brogan

PodCamp Boston

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