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Podcamp Atlanta 2 Planning

Page history last edited by DeAnna Troupe 14 years, 5 months ago

Hello podcasters, bloggers, and new media enthusiats.  I'm DeAnna Troupe and I'm the one that's organizing Podcamp Atlanta 2 (2010).  Basically it's my job to organize the people planning Podcamp Atlanta 2 (2009).


Podcamp Atlanta 2007 was indeed a success.  It was made possible with hard work by members of the Podcasting

Community.  Podcamp Atlanta 2 (2010) can be an even bigger success, but we need the help of YOU, the podcaster to make this happen. 



With that in mind, I need someone to take on the following roles to help me organize an awesome event.


Role Person Handling
Job Description
Speaker Coordinator   Recruit Speakers Pending
Sponsor Coordinator   Recruit Sponsors Pending
Event Coordinator   Plan a family friendly meet and greet for Friday night Pending
Facilities Coordinator   Secure a venue (be point person for all things venue related Pending
Official twitterer Jack Swann Post Podcamp Atlanta information to the Podcamp Atlanta Twitter Account Assigned
Official FB rep Jack Swann/Georgia Peach Davis Post Podcamp Atlanta information to the Podcamp Atlanta Facebook Account Assigned



If you can think of anything that I've missed or if you wish to volunteer for one of the positions listed above, please contact me via the Podcamp Atlanta google group.  I check the google group every day for Podcamp related issues. 

It will be so much easier to plan this event if we have different indviduals in charge of one specific task than if we have one person trying to do everything.





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