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PodCamp Boston2 Networking

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PodCamp Boston2 Networking

What do you want to get out of coming to PodCamp Boston2? Do you want to make new friends? Do you want to talk to people about how-to stuff? Do you want to find business contacts? Now's your chance. Fill out the info below, and let's pre-stack your networking opportunities.


Name Email Networking Preferences
Chris Brogan podcamp at chrisbrogan dot com How can businesses and organizations use social media inside and outside the firewall? Love to talk about larger scale uses of social media for business AND non-businesses.
Jack Daniel jackadaniel at gmail dot com How-to stuff, like turning technical presentations into podcasts that don't suck
Deb Powers deb at chameleonsdream dot com looking for podcasting, vlogging and blogging poets to interview and collaborate on weekly poetry aggregations/podcasts
John C. Havens johnhavens at blogtalkradio dot com I'd like to facilitate an interactive workshop on Transparency issues, network, and talk about Pod Camp NYC 2.0
Amy E Stevens amy at amystevensonline dot com

I'd like to facilitate an interactive workshop on new media in higher education recruiting. I'd also like to network with

people working with tech-resistant communities.

Steve Sherlockshersteve at gmail dot comI got some basic podcasting info last year and have started two podcasts. I'd like to get into more detail editing with Audacity.

Chad Bergeron chad at acapodcast dot com

Already booked the weekend of PodCamp, so I won't be there. I'd love to chat with area podcasters though,

please e-mail me! Maybe we should set up a PodBarCamp?

Glenn Gruber ggruber66 at gmail dot com I'm looking to find out how other people are using podcasts and other social media
Kabren Levinson kabren at nerdnewsradio dot com Talk with area podcasters. So much of this interaction is on the net, not in person. I'd just like to have a good time.
Mike Kujawski mike.kujawski at publicsectormarketing dot ca I want to meet individuals that can provide me with examples of effective use of Social Media in the Public Sector
Beth Kanter beth at bethkanter dot org

I want to meet people who are interested in sharing knowledge about social media use in developing countries, screencasting geeks, and over the shoulder learning

Phil Campbell me at me.dm Fellow geeks that want to talk about screencasting, content management, digital distribution, local community building with the social networking tools available - arriving few days earlier would love to go on a photowalk of boston. Also, very active in videoblogging and would like to talk to others that produce regular "shows" on the internet how they got funding for better development.
Casey McKinnon casey at galacticast dot com I WANT A HALLOWEEN PARTY on the Saturday night... with costumes! I'll be missing WAY too many parties by attending PodCamp Boston, so this is important... anyone agree?
David Tames david at kino-eye dot com I'm interested in talking with people about the intersection of new media and traditional filmmaking and where is it going?
Scott Beatty scott at podcast dot com recieve feedback on our beta http://podcast.com/beta and collect input into the next rev
Justin Kownacki jkownacki at somethingtobedesired dot com I'm interested in discussing future opportunities for sustainable, serialized content - like Something to Be Desired, the web sitcom I've been producing since 2003
Doug Haslam dhaslam at topazpartners dot com Looking to find out how the podcasting /PodCamp community has changed in a year- what kind of different people and organizations are involved? Definitely interested from a public relations/media standpoint, and in speaking to anyone else curious about that aspect
Eric Rochow Gardenfork.tv eric at gardenfork.tv Looking to meet with potential partners to take Gardenfork.tv and RealWorldGreen.com and other web video shows to the next level. Plus just general beer drinking conversation
Paull Young young.paull at gmail dot com I'm with Casey - all about the HALLOWEEN party, this is my first ever Halloween - don't want to miss out!
Joe Cascio joec0914 at gmail dot com Would like to talk with anyone involved in web sites that require users to register with the site. Thinking especially of "etailing" or social-media. Also with anyone using or thinking of using OpenID for website registration
Cliff Ravenscraft Cliff at Ravenscraft dot org Effective January 1st 2008, I'm leaving a career of 11 years in insurance to go into Podcasting and New Media full time. I produce 14 shows at http://gspn.tv and I have some experience in podcast consulting work and look to specialize in this area of consulting through http://bitcastmedia.com . I hope to make some connections with like minded individuals who are pursuing this as a full time career. I am also looking for ways to monetize my very extensive podcasting activities. I have a very strong and loyal listener base that are eager to see me make this next step. I hope to come away from Podcamp Boston 2 with some great networking opportunities to help me succeed in these areas.
Joyce Bettencourt joyce at thevesuviusgroup dot com I am the blogmistress of http://www.holymeatballs.org and also a developer/creative within virtual worlds, such as Second Life (am Rhiannon Chatnoir in SL) and when a artist/designer and poet.

I would love to talk to anyone else who is interested in social media in the context of non-profits and using your podcasting/blogging/video/creativity/work to improve the world and forge community. I am also a big fan of online social media of all sorts and interested in mash ups between them. Ask me about dragging RSS feeds of blog posts, twitter and flickr content into SL and back. :)

Jane Quigley jquig99@gmail.com Looking forward to meeting new people and learning how established brands are implementing social media internally, externally and as a executive policy.
C.C. Chapman cc.chapman@gmail.com Want to meet new people looking to get involved in this space and to help them figure out how to do so.
Whitney Hoffman ldpodcast@gmail.com looking forward to meeting new people, talking about the future of podcamp and podcasting, education, learning, marketing, and New/Social media.
Derrick Kwa derrickkwa@gmail.com Specifically interested in how people are using social media to build communities on a larger scale and make a difference in the world. But would love to just make new friends with anyone there.
Melanie Van Orden melanie@punchbuzz.com Would love to talk to anyone involved in the music space, including musicians, podcasters, labels, social media mavens, etc. I'm also interested in using the power of podcasting and social media to make a difference in the world; specifically regarding the genocide in Darfur.
Jonathan Bloom jonathan at jonathandbloom dot com I want to meet new friends, learn how to make Internet Media work as a career, and have fun!
Shava Nerad shava at indigenis dot com I just took a gig leading a youth (16-27ish) journalism and civic engagement project, and I'm still doing virtual world, gaming, social media consulting on the side -- expecting to find kindred spirits!
Linda (LE) Mills linda.mills at podcastusermagazine dot com If I don't find you first, find me from Satmorn onward for a PUM sticker and conversation about what you want to see in your magazine. Just look for the generationally-challenged blonde who will, more likely than not, be attending to the real action at "Lobby&HallwayCon"!
Dave Fisher dave at jazkarta dot com Hoping to meet individuals who are looking for better ways to distribute their podcasts using CMS and also those looking to talk about recording techniques.
Tommy Vallier tommy@tommyvallier.com I'm the community developer for the live, interactive podcasting service TalkShoe and a new media consultant in Kingston, Ontario. I live for the web and enjoy meeting new people and discovering new content and services online. Hoping to meet some new people and rebuild some existing connections this weekend.
Bill Wendel RealEstateCafe at Gmail dot com Would like to brainstorm with real estate innovators (or any podcasters, bloggers, and social networking gurus) about the possibility of hosting a "Real Estate unConference" for home buyers, sellers, and "alternative" money-saving business models (for sale by owner, fee-for-service, etc). Some idea starters are online at: http://realestatecafe.pbwiki.com/Unconference
Justin Russell justin at justinrussell dot com Hoping to meet new people and learn about innovative ways people are using podcasting and other new media tools... and where we'll go next.
David Cutler dcutler at eatmedia dot com I love to discuss ways to build strong and nimble business models that sustain the fun of everything we are talking about at Podcamp!


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