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PodCamp Copenhagen

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All danish podcasters

are invited to

PodCamp Copenhagen



The second workshop in Denmark for active podcasters


Sunday Dec. 10 th. 2006

at 12 am



Rued Langgardsvej 7




More info about the Podcamp here and from karin.hoegh at vip.cybercity.dk



However small, ours was the first outside the US, starting in 2006





Erling Tiedemann, http://katpod.dk


Karin Hoegh http://podblog.dk/


Frans Meyer http://katpod.dk 


Martin Jørgensen http://vertikal.dk/ + http://globalflyfisher.com/podcast/


Jette Harthimmer http://claircast.dk/ 


Jan Lund Thomsen, The C64 Take-away Podcast 


Andreas Hagerman, http://genau.dk/




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