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PodCamp Commons


One of the most important things on my mind as I watch people take the PodCamp concept and run with it (which I love) is to ensure that above all else, the founders and organizers of PodCamp Boston work fairly with everyone organizing a PodCamp. Every PodCamp is special and unique, and deserves as much help as we can give, but neither do we want to reinvent or rewrite the wheel over and over again, nor do we want anyone to feel more or less recognized for their efforts. To facilitate open, transparent discussion, please leave questions here and we'll try to answer them and collaborate so that everyone can benefit.


- Christopher S. Penn



What happens if someone schedules a PodCamp too close to your PodCamp, or too near each other in time? How do we keep the audience of participants solid, instead of diluting the marketplace?

CSP: my thoughts on this are twofold. if they're geographically close, the best thing I can think of is to join forces and have one bigger PodCamp. If they're chronologically close but in separate locations that are far away - i.e. east coast/west coast - then wouldn't it be amazingly cool if you could work out the logistics of a site to site linkup? Live video from each PodCamp in one room - stop by room X to see PodCamp East or PodCamp West...




I'm thinking about doing a PodCamp Detroit/Motor City up here in Detroit - Would like to involve the Detroit Podcasters group also. Where can I find out more information? Let me know

- Les

- Zaldor's World (www.zaldor.com)


Hello Christopher,


I just started spreading the word for a PodCamp in Berlin, Germany because I love the idea. It has been just the first steps right now so there are no questions at the moment. Just wanted to let you guys know.



Fabio Bacigalupo - http://www.podcast.de


Okay, number 1 thing. Get a team together. You WILL need help, unquestionably. Where to get started? These pages:







Will someone please organize a PodCamp in the midwest....

Already started, http://podcamp.pbwiki.com/PodCampMidWest

I'm in very early planning stages and have been asked this twice already - Am I a non-profit organization? Do we (as a community) have any documentation (US-based or otherwise) showing we are, in fact, non-profit or do we each, as planning groups, need to convince sponsors/venues that we are without paperwork?

Brought this question up to Andy Carvin and he pointed me in your direction - how did you guys put up the open ledger? Is it just an Excel spreadsheet embedded into the page, or is there some software you used? Thanks.



I am also trying to organize a PodCamp for Michigan. I live over in Grand Rapids. If you are still interested contact me at cwoodruffatcloudsocketdotcom


Chris Woodruff





The Podcamp Foundation is not a 501 (c) (3) non profit, but all Podcamps are designed to try to be break-even events, not money makers for the organizers.


The biggest hurdles most people face in putting on a podcamp tend to be ones around money- who is handling it, how do you get sponsors, is there any taxable income, etc. People have handled this in many different ways, ranging from running the money through a separate business account under one of the organizer's names, to becoming a legitimate corporation.


There is a Podcamp "licensing agreement", asking people who organize podcamps to agree to the same baseline rules, including publishing their ledger, etc. Excel spreadhseets are fine; whatever- you just have to let people see the ledger on request.


Whitney Hoffman

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Connie Crosby said

at 11:12 pm on Dec 3, 2009

I can't seem to edit this wiki. Can someone please correct the list of past Podcamps? The most recent ones (Sept - Nov 2009) are at the bottom but should be at the top.
Thank you,

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