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We've moved to http://podcampedu2.pbwiki.com




The PodCamp for educators and those interested in education and multimedia!




Where : American University Washington DC 4400 Massachusetts Ave, NW Washington, DC 20016

Butler Boardroom, 6th floor Mary Graydon Center


When : Saturday November 10, 2007 9:00 - 5:00

Doors open at 8:30 for distribution of conference packets



You can park either in the Nebraska Lot or the Parking Structure marked as "Nebraska Lot" or "Garage" in the legend for the attached AU campus map.

Click here for the campus map.



Organizers: Vivian Vasquez & Andy Bilodeau



A PodCamp is a FREEConference for podcasters and listeners, bloggers and readers, and anyone interested in New Media. The first PodCamp was held September 8-10, 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts. PodCamps are now being held worldwide.


You do NOT need to be a podcaster to attend a PodCamp. If you're interested in podcasting or blogging, if you're a podsafe musician (or want to be), or just someone curious about podcasting and new media, then please join us -- and bring a friend or colleague.







PodCampEDU Final Schedule




Classroom Documentaries and the Mechanics of Storytelling

  • (Andy Carvin)


Lecture vs. Discussion (slides)

(Joel Mark Witt)




PodCampEdu Audio


  1. Andy Carvin - http://www.bazmakaz.com/clip/2008/01/15/podcampedu_andy-carvin_clip55/
  2. Tammy Munson - http://www.bazmakaz.com/clip/2008/01/22/podcampedu_tammy-munson-clip56/




Register Here or send an e-mail to one of the organizers to have your name added to this list.

Vivian Vasquez & Andy Bilodeau

(NOTE: space is limited to 85 participants )


  1. Vivian Vasquez - Organizer and host of the Critical Literacy in Practice (CLIP) Podcast, co-producer 100%Kids, Literary Map Podcast TWITTER: Clippodcast
  2. Andy Bilodeau - Organizer and host of the AndyCast Podcast co-producer ,100% Kids TWITTER : andycaster
  3. Tammy Munson - New Media Virtual Assistant and Co-Host of The PodTalk Divas, participant, presenter and lead organizer of PodcampDC 2008Twitter: TammyMunson.
  4. Carol Felderman - Virginia Tech, co-producer 100%Kids
  5. Whitney Hoffman- The LD Podcast, participant and presenter Twitter- LDpodcast; email ldpodcast(at) gmail.com
  6. Adrea Lawrence - American University
  7. Connie Chubb, American U. - chubb@american.edu Twitter: chubb (signed up during podcamp)
  8. Leslie Ann Hall, Technology Director - WIN (Women's Information Network)
  9. Susan Cornett, Newark Charter School, Newark, DE
  10. Denise Jarrell, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Centreville School, Delaware
  11. Pat Sine, Director, Office of Educational Technology, Collecge of Human Services, Education and Public Policy, University of Delaware
  12. Camilla Gagliolo - Arlington Public Schools
  13. Jen Nightengale,M.S. Technology Instructor,Sanford School,Hockessin, DE
  14. Joel Mark Witt would like to attend and present (FolkMedia.org / MarylandZoo.TV) - TWITTER: joelmarkwitt
  15. Shea Shackelford (Co-curator, Big Shed Audio Documentary Podcast , Audio Coordinator, Latin American Youth Center's Art + Media House)
  16. Stephanie Stockman, participant and presenter (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Adventures in Earth and Space)
  17. Kathy Doucette, (World Resources Institute) kathyd at wri dot org
  18. Elyse Moody , Associate Editor , AVIATION WEEK's Overhaul & Maintenance
  19. Scott Hemmons- Marketing Coordinator, The Training Center For Sales & Business Development, PA
  20. David Beaudouin, Managing Director and Creative Strategist, DB+C (Baltimore) ; Twitter: MisterBoh
  21. Ravi Gupta
  22. Christine Schlegelmilch , Pine Spring Elementary School
  23. Michelle Parker, Pine Spring Elementary
  24. RaeAnne Thompson, American. U.
  25. Denear Bruce aka Denea, American. U.
  26. Chrystelle Panatier, American. U.
  27. Bryan Riley, American. U.
  28. Megan Ullo, American. U.
  29. Courtney Vintch, American. U.
  30. Ashley Manning, American. U.
  31. Hana Idris, American. U.
  32. Kaye Gapen, Director of the Library and Academic Services, Trinity (Washington) University
  33. Carole S. Rhodes, PhD., Equity Studies Research Center, Literacy Education Program Director, Queens College, City University of New York
  34. Tisha Y. Lewis
  35. Ron Evry (Mister Ron) Mister Ron's Basement, also Jamestown Elementary School
  36. Karen Evry, Stafford Middle School
  37. Gisele-Audrey Mills Ethnomusicology/Instructional Design and Multimedia Resource Development
  38. Jane Wilson, principal, Fort Belvoir ES
  39. Michael Scalero, Stevens Institute of Technology
  40. Deborah Litt, Assistant Professor, Trinity (Washington) University
  41. Scott Swinney ,Writing Center Director ,Trinity (Washington) University
  42. John Henkel, Vice President, Artist and Industry Relations, For Your Imagination, New York
  43. Katie Cottingham, Ph. D., American Chemical Society
  44. Anirban Mahapatra American Chemical Society
  45. Ed Racobaldo Language One
  46. Lorrie Smith Language One
  47. Rod Murray, Ph.D. - www.RodsPulsePodcast.com a D.I.Y. podcast on podcasting and other e-learning tech
  48. Will Brown - Producer and host of poetry podcast "Cloudy Day Art" and freelance producer. Twitter: WillBrown
  49. Shashi Bellamkonda- Twitter:shashib
  50. Elizabeth Anderson, American U.
  51. Andy Carvin, NPR, PBS learning.now; andycarvin at yahoo com. Twitter: acarvin
  52. Jonny Goldstein; jonny dot goldstein at gmail dot com. Former director of tech after school program in Bronx high schools for Vision Education and Media
  53. Ken Watanabe, Joint Oceanographic Institutions
  54. Leslie Peart, JOI Learning
  55. R.N. Jurgenson, photojournalist & newsmedia consultant; global networking, starfleet@starpower.net
  56. Marc Benton, Tap Here Technologies, marc.d.benton at gmail dot com, Twitter: marcbenton
  57. Nick Guzman, RedBloguera.net, nickguzman at redbloguera dot net. Twitter: dabloguiman
  58. Rebeca Logan, RedBloguera.net
  59. Janet O'Grady
  60. Gretchen Vogelzang, MommyCast
  61. Gerry Tejeda, The Gerry T Show
  62. Laura Spangler,Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School, Alexandria, VA
  63. Greg Stack, Catholic U.
  64. Miguel Gomez - Director AIDS.gov/ Office of HIV/AIDS Policy, HHS
  65. Ann Abercrombie - Office of Women's Health, HHS
  66. Jay Lewis
  67. Tom Briggs
  68. Jim Long
  69. Eric Martens, American Chemical Society
  70. Loren Hurst, US State Dept.
















THANK YOU to everyone who is contributing a session or two to Podcamp EDU! All the time slots have been filled with informative, eductional, and innovative sessions! We look forward to meeting everyone! Vivian and Andy






Please contact one of the organizers if you are able to contribute to Podcamp EDU. Contributions can take the form of providing T-shirts, tote bags, name badges, or meals ... for participants.


Vivian Vasquez - clippodcast@gmail.com

Andy Bilodeau - andycast@gmail.com


Notes for Next Time:

  • include a time chart divided into 15 minute intervals that contributors can use to block out time for themselves.
  • Extension cords
  • Internet connection
  • Technical skills workshops (GarageBand, Audition, Audacity etc)
  • Q & A Sessions throughout the day
  • Social Event(s)
  • White board / chart paper to capture fleeting ideas
  • Streaming audio/video


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