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Welcome to the PodCampIreland Wiki.


PodCamp Ireland, Kilkenny City, September 29th 2007


There have been a number of podcasting events held in Ireland already, mostly as part of other events. The purpose of this page is to organise a stand-alone event to promote podcasting in Ireland and to help and encourage people to get started.


Podcamp Ireland will be an unconference. In other words: if you are interested in attending you should understand that it may not happen without your active participation. Everything about an unconference comes from the participants. That includes the topics which will be discussed, the time and place, and even the decision as to whether to hold such an event at all.


So then - it's over to you:


  • Follow the progress on PodCamp Ireland by visiting PodCampIreland.com
  • Join the discussion at the Irish Podcaster's Group or bring the conversation into your SMS text inbox by joining the podcamp channel on Jaiku. It's free and easy.
  • Add your name to the "Attendees" list if you think you would be interested in attending such an event
  • What would you like to hear and see at Podcamp Ireland? What can you offer to do or say at Podcamp Ireland? Add your thoughts to the Ideas list.
  • Seriously - it's Over To You! What are you waiting for?

Edit this page! :)



We need to hear from YOU about what you would feel inspired to hear about at our first PodCamp Ireland.


Here are some thought starters:


  • Audio production and video production
  • Publishing and hosting your podcast and video cast
  • Promoting your Podcast
  • Licenced music/podsafe music
  • Social media


Let us know by posting your thoughts here.


Whether you are a newbie to podcasting, blogging and social media or a veteran, we want to make sure that we have content you want to hear about.


And don't be shy about stepping forward as a presenter - that's what the event is all about - for us all to share experiences, share ideas and make new friends.



- The first-ever Irish podcamp will be on Saturday, 29 September 2007 in Kilkenny. Discussion here

- It follows PodCampUK (1st/2nd Sep) and Barcamp Galway on 22 September.

- Keola arrives in Cork from Hawaii on September 7 or 8 so the 29th should be good for him, provided he has located permanent housing by then. School semester starts 24th.



- How about somewhere in the midlands so that we're not seen to be Dublin or Cork centric? (Krishna suggests)

- Kilkenny... serviced by regular train and bus service throughout day, 40 minute drive from Waterford, 1hr 30 from Dublin...

Update (24 July) Our first PodCamp Ireland will be taking place in Kilkenny - details of the venue are being finalised


Can You Help Us?

We would really appreciate you helping us spread the news. if you blog or podcast, tell your community about PodCamp Ireland.


If you are a member of a social networking group, can you spread the news.


And if you have friends and colleagues in "real life" not virtual life, do let them into the big news that PodCamp Ireland is coming to Kilkenny on 29 September!


Organising Team

Even though this is a non-conference it does need a little organising. Here are the team helping make PodCamp Ireland happen:


Krishna De

Bernie Goldbach

Brian Greene

Ken McGuire

Conn Ó Muíneacháin


Breaking News

We have secured a REALLY special guest. Neville Hobson, co-author of How to Do Everything with Podcasting and co-host of the highly successful FIR podcast will be with us. So if you want to learn the story behind the legend that is FIR, make sure you join us in Kilkenny from Friday 28 Sep through Sunday 30 September.


PodCamp Ireland Sponsors


Microsoft (Ireland)


QBC Executive Coaching

Blacknight Solutions



(Name, Site/Company/Organisation, Travelling From)

  1. Conn Ó Muíneacháin, Edgecast Media, Clare
  2. Bernie Goldbach Tipperary Institute, Cashel
  3. Krishna De Biz Growth News,The Podcast Sisters, Todays Women in Business, Dublin
  4. Brian Lanigan Where Virtual Learning Meets Podcasts, Clonmel
  5. Gareth Stack Technolotics, Hummingbird Mentality Dublin
  6. Brendan Bolger SpudShow Music Podcast, Limerick
  7. Poetry Ireland Poetry Ireland, Dublin
  8. Grannymar Grannymar, Co. Antrim
  9. Olivier Ansaldi Ozonesoft, Dublin
  10. Dave Dunn MediaForum, Dublin
  11. Ken McGuire Event Ireland / Kilkenny Music, Kilkenny
  12. Sean Mc Namara Sean's Blog, Kilkenny
  13. Raymond O'Brien General Rock, Kilkenny
  14. Martin 'GD' Devaughan Music Podcaster, Holyhead, N.Wales
  15. Neville Hobson Wokingham
  16. Ian Healy Kilkenny
  17. Keith Bohanna Pure Play, Kilkenny
  18. Michele Neylon Blog, Blacknight, Carlow / Cork
  19. Phil Campbell, me.dm Derbyshire, England
  20. Ross Costigan Ross Costigan Photography / Kilkenny Music, Kilkenny
  21. Alan Dawson KilkennyMusic.com, Kilkenny
  22. Michael Keogh KilkennyMusic.com, Kilkenny
  23. Michael Kiely Tipperary Institute, Clonmel
  24. Stephen Power LearnIrish, Dublin
  25. Tom Murphy Murphy's Law/Microsoft, Dublin
  26. James Corbett EirePreneur, Limerick
  27. Cathy Fitzgerald ArtLinks, Kilkenny
  28. Brian Greene doop/talkingvoices, Dublin
  29. Paddy Lennon, Kilkenny
  30. Will Knott LftI, Cork
  31. Patrick Liddy Activation Energy, Limerick
  32. Conor O'Neill blognation Ireland, Cork
  33. Ian Matthews,Kilkenny
  34. Dermot McLaughlin Temple Bar Cultural Trust, Dublin
  35. Grainne Millar Temple Bar Cultural Trust, Dublin
  36. Alastair McDermott Log On Internet Marketing Ltd., Dublin
  37. Katie Conway Katie Conway
  38. Michael Byrne QBC Executive Coaching, Ennis
  39. Ben Chapman, Naas
  40. Jennifer Farley Laughing Lion Design Dublin/Westmeath
  41. Ciaran McGuiness Talk Digital, Dublin
  42. Mike Beardmore, inWokingham,England via Dingle, hoping my schedule works out.
  43. Nicola Corboy, FotoJunkie, Clonmel
  44. Brendan Hughes, Dublin
  45. Mary Butler, Kilkenny County Council Arts Office, Kilkenny
  46. Ina O'Murchu Semantic Bits (Blog), Galway
  47. Gavin Byrne Near FM Podcast, Dublin
  48. Michael Ryan, Eirpod, Dublin
  49. Filip Dawidzinski Podcast Nie Tylko Dla Orlow, Dublin
  50. Dorothy Keane Carlow IT, Kilkenny
  51. Graham Murray, Dublin
  52. Tanja Ryan, Clonmel
  53. Seamus Byrne, Graphic Mint, Dublin
  54. Julian Becerra, Graphic Mint, Dublin
  55. Jan Blanchard Tourist Republic, Limerick
  56. Emer Doyle Rua Communications, Wexford
  57. Alan Swan Blog, Carlow
  58. Sandra Adams Dance Festival Ireland, Dublin
  59. Dean Whitbread Talking Voices, London, UK and UK Podcasters Association
  60. Clive Jackon, Kilkenny
  61. Robert Harris, Cashel, Tipperary Institute
  62. Elly Parker ellybabes, Dublin-ish
  63. Julie Momboisse, Dublin
  64. Nuala Roche Glass Eye Productions, Kilkenny
  65. Mike Spratt, Dublin
  66. Frank Bradley, Oracle, Facebook Profile, Kilkenny
  67. Kairen Waloch Cartoon Saloon, Kilkenny
  68. Clare Dillon MSDN Ireland News, Dublin
  69. Martha Rotter Microsoft Ireland, Dublin
  70. Siasy Collins European Irish, Cork



Non-attendees, at least in the physical sense!


  1. Tom Raftery Tom Raftery's Social Media, Cork Bummed I won't make it :-(
  2. Jo O'Brien, Kilkenny
  3. Aidan Finn http://www.aidanf.net, Galway
  4. Daithí Mac Síthigh Lex Ferenda and Trinity College Law School, Dublin Can't get down to Kilkenny, sorry
  5. Keola Donaghy Nahenahe.net, U. of Hawai‘i-Hilo, Hawai‘i! (via Cork)
  6. Suzy Byrne Maman Poulet, Dublin can't make it, sorry
  7. John Butler Blog, Waterford
  8. Trudy Arthurs Dancing Leopards Coaching & Training, Belfast




Name Offer to do/say Wish to see/hear
Conn Ó Muíneacháin Audio Production Tools & Techniques Video Production Tools & Techniques
Bernie Goldbach The Story of Revisioncasts How to record from phone calls
Krishna De Building your personal brand through podcasting/Getting started in podcasting and blogging How to profit from podcasting
Brian Lanigan Podcasts in Third Level How to stream podcasts through firewalls
Poetry Ireland Podcast uses for arts orgs/artists/audiences The uses in developing podcasts and other media
Roseanne Smith   What not to podcast? Legal and copyright issues in podcasting in Ireland
Sean Mc Namara  

How to record phone calls from skype.

Phil Campbell Establishing Presence with Local Chambers

Commerce to Open up Old Media to New

Someone buy me a drink. :)
James Corbett   Podcasting in virtual worlds (Second Life)
Suzy Byrne   Hosting of podcasts, promoting via itunes etc.
Jennifer Farley Podcast Artwork  

Dean WhitbreadThe Podcasting Cause: Why podcasting should be a universal freedom The revolution they told us about


PodcampUKpromo Dry VO Short.mp3



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