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PodCampMidWest 2008 Registration Page

  1. Michael Bailey - Co-Organiser, PodCampMidWest. President of Mobasoft, LLC. Creator of MyChingo and MobaTalk.
  2. Rob Walch - Co-Organiser, PodCampMidWest. Host of podCast411, Today in iPhone and co-author of "Tricks of the Podcasting Masters"
  3. Ed Roberts - Host of Looking Out The Window music podcast, Kansas City Weather Podcast, Podcafe Christmas, etc. etc.
  4. Gary Leland aka P. Dilly - PodcastPickle.com
  5. John Ong - Podcaster. Host of Ongline Podcast 王线
  6. Darren Couch - Podcaster. Co-Host of Take2 Podcast
  7. Rich White - Podcaster. Co-Host of Take2 Podcast
  8. Russ Wilcox - Podcaster. Co-Host of Take2 Podcast
  9. Matt Blatchley - Greenbush CF Developer Greenbush ESC
  10. Brad St. - Greenbush Podcaster Greenbush ESC
  11. Lisa Blair - Greenbush Director of the Science Center Greenbush ESC
  12. Marla McClelland - Science Center Training Specialist Greenbush ESC
  13. Serena Gale - Podcaster - Hostess of Controversial Conversations (CC Cast) (comming out of hiatus soon)
  14. Selene Rati - Podcaster - Co-Hostess of Controversial Conversations (CC Cast)
  15. Mike O'Laughlin - Host of The Irish Roots Cafe Podcast, the Missouri Irish podcast. and the Irish Song and Recitation podcast
  16. Eric Langhorst - Host of Speaking of History , an 8th grade American History teacher in Liberty, Missouri
  17. Brad H - Podcaster. Host of 773 Podcast in Chicago.
  18. Bruce Barr - Avid podcast listener and host of MrGadgets Technological Odyssey usually in Lee's Summit, MO.
  19. Linda Prior - Online English Teacher & Podcast Rookie for Greenbush Online Learning.
  20. Joy McGilton - Online Social Studies, Health, & P.E. Teacher for Greenbush Online Learning.
  21. Troy Rutter - Podcaster. Host of Rutter's Ramblings and panhandler from Troy Needs an iPod
  22. Peter J - Podcaster. Co-Host of the Oh My Pod! podcast.
  23. Pinoyboy - Podcaster. Co-Host of the Oh My Pod! podcast.
  24. Justin Nolan - Podcaster. Host of PDALive Podcast
  25. Joel Trigger - Podcaster. Co-Host (Techmonkey) of - Alternageek.com podcast.
  26. Justin Kaiser - Podcamp Chicago Organizer- CreativeIdentityGroup.com & podcampCHI.com
  27. Jonathan Coffman - Blogger and New-Media evangelist - JonathanCoffman.com-
  28. Fred Castaneda - Podcaster. Host of podcasts - Struggling Entrepreneur & ; Gain Control of Your Day & ; Arriba! podcast & What's new on IBM TV?
  29. Christa Casebeer - Podcaster. Co-Host (linuxchic) of - Alternageek.com podcast.
  30. http://biggsuccess.com The Bigg Success Show (George Krueger / Mary-Lynn Foster)
  31. Sally M. Snell - U.S. Reporter Strange But True Radio, co-owner Psycho Cat Media, Travel by the Pint Vidcast
  32. MIchael C. Snell - co-owner Psycho Cat Media, Travel by the Pint Vidcast
  33. Keith Krieger - Program Coordinator, JCCC Center for Business, Computer Applications Training
  34. Stephanie Ann - Blogger thecheapdiva.com
  35. Justin Lake Whedon - Musician (Ebon) / Web Designer (Netsolus Design) - www.EbonMusic.com
  36. Megan E. Gannon — Graphics Coordinator and Web Services Administrator, Office of Research & Graduate Studies (RGS), The University of Kansas
  37. James E. Busse — Graphics Coordinator CEBC/KU
  38. Claudia Bode - Education, Outreach and Diversity Program Coordinator Outreach at CEBC/KU
  39. Douglas Bennett - podcaster
  40. Jeff Smith - geek, blogger jeffisageek.net, interested in learing about podcasting.
  41. Ramsey Mohsen - web strategist, consultant at Digital Evolution Group, DJ, blogger, video blogger, lifecaster and internet addict. www.ramseym.com
  42. Chris Duckett - Church Podcaster www.crownpointechurch.com, interested to meet local bloggers/vloggers and learn from their experience(i.e. Ed Roberts Rocks!!!).
  43. Aaron Geier - Podcaster. Host of Podcast- Stachecast
  44. Elisabeth McLaury Lewin - Publisher, Podcasting News.com. New media obsessive and PodcastMama.
  45. Ian Jennings - Designer, Developer and Host at kccast.com.
  46. Tom Truman - Freelance Designer, Interested in learning about podcasting for professional use and personal expression.
  47. Vicki Truman - Fashion & Textile Designer, Interested in learning about podcasting for personal expression.
  48. Paul Camarata - Podcaster, Host of The Saintcast.
  49. Lane Fournerat - Vlogger, Blogger, Filmmaker. LaneVids.
  50. Zena Weist - microblogger, blogger, social media passionista, podcast wannabe
  51. Mindy Valcarcel, managing editor, Veterinary Medicine journal
  52. Jeffrey P. Harrington, Amish Phonebook Podcast
  53. Matt Hurst, blogger, Highway 61 Revised Blog
  54. Lauren Reid, broadcast journalism, blogger, Highway 61 Revised Blog
  55. Christine Weremy, assistant editor, Advanstar Veterinary Health Communications, Special Projects
  56. Farren Constable, IT Consultant, podcaster wannabe.

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