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PodCamp Second Life -- SPREAD THE WORD


Plans for a PodCamp in Second Life are in the works - and moving FAST! I know the idea has been tossed around in the past, but there is no time like NOW to get it rolling.


Please be sure to sign up on the PodCampSLregister page to attend and check back here often for updates.


Dates are January 26-28, 2007.


The full schedule is now online at PodCampSLpresenters


Thanks to all of our sponsors for helping out! If you are interested in sponsoring, please check out the page to see how YOU can help!


Join the PodCamp SL Google Group to keep up with the latest PodCamp SL news.


Organizers & Media Contacts - Second Life / Real Life


Flickr & Technorati tags




Resources Needed - Second Life


Resources Needed - Real Life

  • Outside media contacts (bloggers, press, etc.)




Resource Accquired - Second Life

  • Spin Martin - Slackstreet and connected islands (4 sims total)
  • Lynette Radio - stream provider (audio to sims for up to 150 people)
  • PodcastPickle.com - Podcast Island, its stage, and other public areas.
  • Rich Palmer - Audio stream for small sessions (up to 30 people) and small theatre on SoHo island for small groups, as well. flowers-shop
  • Cleon Goff - Crayonville
  • Jen and Corey from Bucket Podcast - Nowhereville island
  • Audio Zenith - Audio School - Audio HUB island



Resource Accquired - Real Life

[Thomas Wanhoff] - media and outside media contacts in europe

[Chris Hambly] - media contact, press releases, lecture space, UK.


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