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PodCampSL Presenters


If you are interested in presenting, please add your contact information here, including topic. All presenters will be responsible for their own access into Second Life as well as audio capabilities (aka Skype). Although Second Life is the venue for this PodCamp, not all talks need to be ABOUT Second Life.


In-world notecards with a finalized schedule and all clickable landmarks will be sent to the PodCampSL group in Second Life. Please be sure to join this group. Besides information, the group will be the only avatars allowed to some functions. Thanks!!


A few people have mentioned to me that they don't want to be tied up at the computer for the weekend in Second Life. The only thing I can say is that if you were at a REAL LIFE venue you would be there all day, bouncing back and forth between sessions. At least with PodCampSL you can do it in your PJ's and take breaks whenever you want!





ALL TIMES ARE SLT (Second Life Time) same as Pacific Coast Time



If you are still interested in presenting, please IM Weiss Plessis or Lynette Radio in world.



Friday January 26th:

Time Nowhereville Island
6:00pm SLT Kickoff - Podcast Listener Panel & Opener Social LIVE PODSAFE MUSIC DJ!, Nowhereville Island- Listener panel (people that are fans, and not producers) discussion.
6:00pm SLT PodCampSL Skypecast - For those wishing to talk on Skype, there will be a SkypeCast moderated by Laurence Simon (Skype: isfullofcrap / SL: Crap Mariner) that will be open 5:45pm-9:45pm SLT. It is set as Private, so it won't be listed in the Live tab. You'll need to join with that link.


Saturday January 27th:


Main Saturday venue: Podcast Island Theatre Mirrored audio: crayonville amphitheatre


Time Podcast Island Theatre
2:00pm SLT Opening Ceremonies & helpful tips to get more out of PodCampSL, Lynette Radio & Weiss Plessis at Death Before Decaf on Podcast Island
3:00pm SLT Finding Your Niche Market & Listeners - Lynette Radio - Creative ways to attract the right kind of listeners
4:00-4:30pm SLT Karin (H√łgh) Howe - The 10 commandments. How to please your podcaster and be a good podcast-listener
5:00pm SLT Friends Talking Podcast - Listening, interviewing, and telling stories, or, how to get your interviewees to open up so your listeners want to hear
6.00-6.45 SLT Ed (Radio) Roberts - Keeping The Fire Lit. Tips on how to avoid "podfading" amid the chaos of life.
6.45-7.00 SLT  
7:00pm SLT music performance by Uncle Seth at Death Before Decaf on Podcast Island


Sunday January 28th:


Main Sunday venue: crayonville amphitheatre Mirrored audio: Podcast Island Theatre


Time crayonville amphitheatre
2:00pm SLT Women's Role In Podcasting - Lynette Radio - Roundtable discussion about the role of women in podcasting and related ventures, (perceived) barriers to entry, and technical topics. Don't leave it up the guys!! Let's talk about understanding how to write, host, produce and market your own show! For women BY women!
3:00pm SLT TomShad Shabazz - Discussion of music in your podcast
4:00pm SLT Lagwolf and Lair (Lagwolf Gloucester and Crap Mariner) - Demonstration of power of Skypecasting for live events and comedy pieces, expanding the interview format, archiving Skypecasts as podcasts, collaborative tools for trans-Atlantic projects, etc.
5:00pm SLT Jay Moonah a.k.a. Weiss Plessis - Compression, Limiting, Normalization & Noise Reduction
6:00pm SLT PodPoet, creator of Hellicane - Broad-based poetry podcasting for social expression and action: learn how to do it based on the success of Hellicane
7:00pm SLT PodCampSL closing notes


Four meeting/media rooms available to the public, each with the following:

  • Lounge/Theater/Conference Room (user selectable)
  • Control over land media (audio and video)
  • RSS Enabled - speak a feed address and the room will parse the feed and set land for playback of latest episode
  • Shoutcast feed with login information for live audio streaming





List of possible presentation ideas for next PodCamp SL**

  • Jason Van Orden - I'll come up with a topic as we get closer. Something on metrics maybe.
  • Evo Terra - Building an Interactive Audience by Accident -- On Purpose
  • Penny Haynes - Increasing Your Search Engine Rankings via Podcasting
  • Using Second Life to grow your podcast
  • Podsafe music and Second Life
  • Simple, unique ways to get the word out about your show
  • Finding 'podsafe' content for your shows
  • Podcast Vision and Voice/John C. Havens - Getting work in the corporate market


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