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PodCampSL Register Page


Attendees (Real Life (up to you) / Second Life): Please note that in order to attend this, you will need to create a Second Life account!!


  1. Lynette Young - Lynette Radio in Second Life Second Life consultant, SCRAPcast.com
  2. John C. Havens, About.com Guide to Podcasting and Founder, Podcast Vision and Voice
  3. Bryan Person (Zeke Barber in Second Life) - new-media consultant. Blog: Bryper.com; podcast: New Comm Road.
  4. Jay Moonah (Weiss Plessis in SL) - Internet consultant, podcaster, member of PodSafe/SL band Uncle Seth & PodCamp Toronto co-organizer
  5. Sam Chupp (Alexander Basiat in SL) - game designer, kids RPG advocate, and co-founder of the RPG Podcasters Group.
  6. Maggie Fox (SL=Maggiefox Electricteeth) - founder of Canada's first company devoted exclusively to helping business leverage the power of social media.
  7. Carmen Van Kerckhove (SL=Carmen Vallely) - host of the Addicted to Race podcast and co-founder of the anti-racism training company New Demographic
  8. Evo Terra (SL=Evo Poultry) - Founder of Podiobooks.com - New Media Mogul - Author of Podcasting for Dummies - Host of Wingin' It! and of his own CultCast
  9. Mandy Garr (SL=Cerridwen Gaea) - digimedia junkie and webmistress
  10. Jason Van Orden (SL: Willard Juno)
  11. Mitch Joel - President of Twist Image and host of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast (SL: Mitch Till)
  12. Stephen Bush - President of Promodem Media (SL: Arch Shu)
  13. Bonnie Peirce (SL=Bonified Nyanda) , Founder ofthebestkidsbooksite.com ,Library Goddesses,Really Gigantic Diamonds
  14. Penny Haynes, Founder Online International Podcasting Expos, PodcastDirectories4Sale.com, and PodcastingConferences.com. Also Organizer of PodCamp Atlanta (SL: HeLoves Yue).
  15. Tim Campbell of The Twisted Wrist (SL=Skortch Skolnick) - Freelance conference attendee and dedicated road-burner.
  16. Chris Christensen from the Amateur Traveler podcast (SL: Chris2x Pankhurst)
  17. Andrew Fulks(DJAJ) SL: AJ Tripp
  18. Doug Minor, Managing Editor/Director of Web Publishing, Saint Anselm College; Saint Anselm Blog/Podcast (SL: Doug Stapleton)
  19. Randy Matheson, Creative Content Specialist, Delvinia Interactive (SL: Dolomite Acropolis)
  20. John Wall, Podcasts The M Show and blogs at Ronin Marketeer (SL: Jfunk Barbecue)
  21. Adam Broitman, Blogger A Media Circus marketer at Morpheus Media, Mockben Hegel is my real name!
  22. Gerald Baxter, Internal Communications. (SL:Jed Tao)
  23. Ed Roberts - Looking Out The Window, Kansas City Weather, Podsafe Christmas podcasts. - Ed Radio in SL
  24. Roger Green - Managing Partner, Cullinane & Green and podcast The Cullinane & Green Report (SL=Random Goldflake)- New Media Bon Vivant and Raconteur!
  25. Jen and Corey of BUCKET - Madison Carnot and Corey Akula in SL respectively.
  26. Stuart Storey, Blogger at Stuart Warf's Blog, (Known in SL as Stuart Warf)
  27. C.C. Chapman - Accident Hash & Managing the Gray podcasts. - Cleon Goff in SL
  28. Curt Brandao - digitalslobpod & digitalslobpod's ENDLESS EGO CAVALCADE podcasts. - digitalslob Dot in SL
  29. Kera, The Diva - The-Broad-Cast.com AKA TheDiva Rockin in SL. Second Life *PodStar* & Socialite.
  30. Margalit, Blogger at What was I THINKING?, Greetings.com & Props and Pans
  31. Nick Gutierrez (Niklas Trilam, in Second Life), podcaster
  32. Tom Cagley (Aleman Barbecue in SL) Blogger at [http://tcagley.wordpress.com] & [http://spamcast.libsyn.com].
  33. Mark Linder (MB Darrow in Second Life)- Bedtime Stories My Kids Love, Build the Church, Bible Stories My Kids Love podcasts.
  34. Rich Palmer (Rich Desoto in Second Life) - Second Life and Real World Musician, Songwriter richpalmer.com, producer/host of Audio Gumshoe, That Tickles podcasts.
  35. Will Lemke (Jazrupt Naheed in SL) - Propadata Films
  36. Kate Trgovac (Katicus Sparrow in SL) - My Name is Kate
  37. Julien Malthus - aka Julien Smith, master of all things living and dying.
  38. Justine Ezarik (Makenna Dailey in SL) - I love the internet.
  39. Jeremy Shank (Jeremy Shackle in SL) - Multimedia Designer.
  40. StamfordAdvocate.com - Matthew Terenzio(SL=Ad Stork) Web/Media Producer/Developer
  41. Joey Parshley (Kneeland Niven in SL)
  42. Laurence Simon (Crap Mariner in SL) - Blogger (IMAO, IFOC, Yourish.com, Catcall @ Houston Chronicle) and Podcaster (100 Word Stories, IMAO, Shire Network News)
  43. PodPoet (PodPoet Clinquant in SL) - One of the first poetry podcasters on the Internet (podpoet.com & Hellicane), blogger (Ameripean Sojourn & Under New Skies) and digital videographer (The Bumper Stickers Did It)
  44. Christy Dena (Lythe Witte in SL) - cross-media crazy and inworld journalist
  45. Steve Springall (Cybster Curtis in SL) - CybsterSpace Podcast and Second Life DJ Podcast
  46. Thomas Wanhoff - Thomas Wanhoffs Weblog German Podcaster, Chairman German Podcasting Association
  47. Oliver Krueger - Markenzukunft German Podcaster, Member of the Board German Podcasting Association
  48. Stefan Hintz (Bug Rodgers) - second-life.de.ki, delicious/hintz/secondlife The AvaStar
  49. Joel Greenberg - Friends Talking Podcast and Idea City Blog. Austin, TX podcaster.
  50. Russell S. Holliman - Podcast Ready, Inc. & mobilepodcast.org - Treocast Carson in Second Life
  51. Hanko Florio - BinaryStarCAST.com Podcaster
  52. Doug Haslam - Topaz Partners. - Doug Hayashi in SL
  53. JimmyJet Fossett (SL)
  54. Karin H√łgh (Karin Howe in SL) - Podcasting consultant, podcaster, blogger, journalist and PodCamp Copenhagen-organizer Websites: Podblog & thepodjournal.com
  55. Dharma Austin http://dharmaiswonderful.blogspot.com is registered for PodCamp
  56. Mary Wallace (Peace Micheline in SL) is registered for PodCamp
  57. Mini Kahlon/Brainy Aleixandre Smashcast - youth podcasting; Coming soon in SL - Meritocracy Island; Level Playing Field Institute
  58. Russel Hale - (http://ramblingruss.libsyn.com)- Russel StoneWall in SL - Ramble With Russel podcast, Canadian podcaster
  59. Melanie Orndorff (Melanie Yates in SL) - http://dailyguilt.com & http://centeredspace.com - Web developer/designer/programmer and TV Editor
  60. Tim Street - Creator / Exec Producer French Maid TV
  61. Nick Noakes/Corwin Carillon - Boracay sim
  62. Nixande Teazle / Nicole Simon - european new media specialist - Useful Sounds and cruel to be kind (blog)
  63. Donald Murphy - Podcast Ready, Inc.
  64. Stephanie Chasteen (SL=DrSteph Scanlan) - host of the SmallTalk nanotechnology variety show podcast at the Exploratorium, at http://www.nisenet.org/podcasts.
  65. Nicole Lamagna - Creative Director of Feisty Aphrodite Media LLC, a woman-owned new media company. SL FeistyAphrodite Zymurgy.
  66. Chris Cavallari - Founder, President of the New Jersey Podcasters Association and host of The Martini Shot: Moviemaking for Beginners.
  67. Cris Mukensnable - Big Island Life Podcaster
  68. Ken Newquist, Lafayette College, co-host of the ITS Coffee Break http://ww2.lafayette.edu/~soapbox/podcast/coffeebreak, and host of the Nuketown Radio Active podcast http://www.nuketown.com/podcast


Once you register, be sure to join the http://groups.google.com/group/podcamp


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