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Welcome to PodCampUK 



PodCampUK was a two-day event on September 1 and 2 at the New Technology Institute in Birmingham that brought all the excitement and ideas and energy of a PodCamp to the UK for the first time.


Thanks to the sponsors who helped make the event free to all participants: Cheeze, Podcast Nation, Digital Central, Wells Park, Pod3tv, Jeff Pulver, BlogTV.com, Blip.tv, Techsmith, Node101







Did you attend? WE NEED YOUR HELP! Not all of our sessions were captured, so if you have video, audio, pictures from or comments on the event, please add them here:






NOTE: All material from PodCampUK is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales



Please add links to your audio of the sessions here.

Anyone catch John Buckley's opening session? - Yes - video

Or the Dean's session on Sunday morning? audio courtesy of Brian Greene

Or the roundtable hosted by Chris Vallance? - Yes - videoShare those sessions and any others that you have, please!




Flickr photos tagged as PodCampUK

Flickr photos tagged as Pod Camp UK 2007

Do you have any pictures from PodCampUK? Please add them here!




Commentary on Tea and Podcasts

Saturday's answer to 'Where's Wil?'

Neville Hobson on business podcasting at Nevillehobson.com

PodCampUK - I was there!

Dean's del.icio.us link archive

Marianina Chaplin Web Analytics Princess on engagement metrics and podcasting monetisation

Richard's blog entries related to PodcampUK

Lucie Follett(Maven Metrics) on podcast measurement and monetisation If we haven't done so yet, please put a link to your blogpost about PodCampUK here!




http://tinyurl.com/2khaef - all the videos that were stored and archived at blogtv.

Music Rights & Podcasting - Tim Baker, PodcampUK Room 3 September 1st 2007, 3:21pm recorded by Simon Toon

Creating a video blog in 10 min - Phil Campbell, PodcampUK Room 1 September 1st 2007, 5:04pm recorded by Simon Toon

PodcampUK Entrance Hall September 1st 2007 9.06am to 10.08am recorded by Simon Toon

Show me the money! - Marianina Chaplin & Lucie Follett, PodcampUK Room 1 September 1st 2007, 11:33am recorded by Simon Toon

http://youtube.com/group/podcampuk - A YouTube group for sharing of PodcampUK vids.


Podcamp UK Ltd (non-profit company formed to make the event happen) has three trustee Directors: John Buckley, Simon Toon and Dean Whitbread.


Organizers of PodCampUK were:

John Buckley - Citizen Scoop - Dissident Vox.

Linda Mills - PodcastUserMagazine

Dean Whitbread - Blog of Funk - UKPA

Simon Toon - Slam Idol

Phil Campbell - me.dm 







  1. Dave Perry: Looking forward to my first Podcamp
  2. Simon Toon
  3. Paul Marshall
  4. John Buckley
  5. Linda Mills
  6. Dean Whitbread
  7. Grant Mason: this'll be great
  8. Steve Jay
  9. Jimmy Hastell
  10. Conrad Slater
  11. Mike O'Hara
  12. Alistair MacDonald
  13. Andy White
  14. John Arnold
  15. Paul Nicholls : See you there!
  16. Janet Parkinson : Looking forward to it!
  17. Mark Crook : Should have registered six weeks ago !
  18. Adam Curry : All for man or birm., both excellent flying destinations!
  19. Anna Farmery : Looking forward to it - the unconference that is!
  20. Chas Creek :Well seeing as it is just up the road from me I'll join in as well.
  21. Bob Cartwright : This'll be an interesting event I can see.
  22. Adrian Pegg
  23. Tim (Radio Clash) + partner John. Looks like I'll be DJing too ;-)
  24. Phil Campbell : Videoblogging, Social Media & Local Community Business Project
  25. Jason Jarrett : Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!
  26. Nigel Staffordshire : Not sure whether to drive or run there...
  27. Neville Hobson : Podcasting for business.
  28. Renato Biolcati Rinaldi : Coming From Italy!
  29. Alex Bellinger : looking forward to chatting, relaxing, sharing and learning
  30. Aaron Cooper : Looking forward to it.
  31. Paul Knight (pjkproductions) : Raw Self Taught Talent from Nottingham (Vloggie Winner)
  32. Joe Rosie Aaron and I are there.
  33. Gary Dring : Just round the corner!
  34. Tom Abbott : Eep - Sudden arrival of new baby means I have to bail out - good luck everyone and have fun!
  35. Alan Bold : Looking forward to meeting everyone
  36. Mark Watson : Cant wait
  37. Martyn Davies
  38. Mike Atherton : Awesome. Looking forward to it.
  39. Jess McCabe
  40. Nik Butler : Phil lets grab that beer and talk platform. I'll take the strain to get there I think ( think ? ) PodCamp UK TShirt Please
  41. Paul Squires : Corporate podcasting
  42. Kudsia Batool New Media in Education and there was a bar tab mentioned?
  43. Krishna De: Checking out flights!Looking forward to meeting old friends and making new friends
  44. Will McInnes : Video is the new audio
  45. Nigel Paice
  46. Debbie McGowan : Sorry Dudes Deb can't make it!!
  47. Matt Holland
  48. Alan Pope: Interested in ScreenCasting specifically.
  49. David Noble
  50. David Goodwin: Generally interested (I consume content); advertised in WM techevent google calendar
  51. Elliot Smith
  52. Neil Fairbrother: Looking forward to it!
  53. Joe Dale: Check out The Isle of Wight Conference 2007 too for more ideas on podcasting and blogging.
  54. Mike Turner aka Gomem: Yup really looking forward to Podcamp... will be dressed in RED of course ;)
  55. Mark Pentleton: Coffee Break Spanish and other language podcasts
  56. Louis Frankland : Sorry, cannot attend anymore - parents are being weird!
  57. Paul HarringtonPodfather Podcasts - educational blogger and podcaster
  58. Mark Harrison : Need help finding a video solution that automatically serves up the content as audio-only RSS for those who want to hear but not see
  59. Jim Mowatt : Jims home page
  60. Robin Mayfield
  61. Will Green
  62. Staffan Meij
  63. Pete Ashton: Due to a clash with the Moseley Folk Festival I'll try and make it in the mornings.
  64. Robin Valk
  65. Eberhard Rensch (Pleasant Software, Developer of Ubercaster)
  66. james out of james and Trev : Representing The North South Divide, and hoping to make the Sunday...
  67. Geoffrey Ponder
  68. niall Coen
  69. Matt Brady
  70. Louise Ferguson
  71. Alex Anderson
  72. Brian Greene
  73. Jurgen Wolff
  74. Andy Conway
  75. Steve Parks
  76. Sarah Kennedy
  77. David Martin
  78. Mike Crowl
  79. Steve Carpenter
  80. Paul Parkinson Looking forward to meeting everyone and a couple of beers...
  81. Iain Simpson
  82. Graham Holland From just around the corner, along the road, up the M6, then west along the M62.
  83. Richard Azia
  84. Christian Documentally
  85. Kun Dang - Eagerly anticipating and looking forward to resources to add to my online world.
  86. Steven Browett
  87. Roger Kondrat
  88. Hugh Fraser See You !
  89. Paul Talbot DYK
  90. Scott Williams
  91. Craig Marston: Eccentric photographer and digital imageer
  92. anastasia travers
  93. Phil Coyne
  94. Matt Atkins
  95. Kev Beaumont
  96. Peter Clitheroe
  97. Jillian Falconi- Looking forward to my first podcamp!!!
  98. Julius Heslet
  99. Pete Cogle
  100. Richard Rudin
  101. Mike Beardmore- Looking forward to meeting y-all
  102. Andrew Clarke
  103. David Phillips (Sunday only)
  104. Andrew Richards
  105. Richard Grimmett
  106. Neil Dixon Confirmed for Saturday at least
  107. Lloyd Davis Social Media Tart
  108. Karen Dowell
  109. Heather Gorringe
  110. Chris Vallance
  111. Wil Harris
  112. Kirsty Walker Sat afternoon and evening(can i reserve thsirt please)
  113. Kev Beaumont Saturday and evening (can I also reserve a tshirt)







UKPA Thumbs Up


A preview, from podCampEurope, June, 2007:







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