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What is this Page?


This is a page for ideas, daily disscussion, brainstorming, group intelligence sharing, progress and update reports. All of the inforrmation shared on this page is work in progress or represents ideas peoples have had to improve aspects of the weekend for everyone.


If you have any ideas please add them. If you've done something to promote or support the event please tell us. If you're going to do something let us know. Everybody benefits from knowing what is happening and what we are working on. Use this page to grow the event outward, get involved in PodCampUK by doing something to help make it better.


Transport Info


John B will be mailing out a newsletter with transportation links and information about getting to the NTI by road and rail this week.


Nik ( loudmouthman ) Butler  is putting together a nice little guide to transportation to the event.


From NikB As you can see from Googlemaps the location of the Venue is not far from the Pallisades, which are to the south west of the NTI and I am assuming most people will arrive at Birmingham New Street Station, we can break the following off into its own page later.


First of all the NTI website has its own directions for getting to the venue.


If someone knows of how good/bad the carparking is in the vicinity I would appreciate the shout out, I would also like to know about the Hotels mentioned in the directions above.



I have looked up the Timetables for arriving at Birmingham Newstreet before 10am and you can see the results below, I have rounded up and down the times to the appropriate minute so you are seeing times of departure that may be 5 to 10 minutes earlier than you need. But dont take my word for it!


Station Depart Arrive Changes
Gatwick 0600 0915 1
Bristol Temple Meads 0720 0900 0
London Euston 0715 0940 0
Glasgow Overnight   See Railtrack for detail
Station Depart Arrive Changes


These and other time tables are available from National Rail



Setup and Breakdown times


When is the earliest that a Exhibitor might be able to access the building , when is the latest they can leave ? What delivery points and drop off/collection areas are there ? What is building security like and is there a safe storage or lock up rooom.




Coat and Bag Check

Will there be a safe coat and bag check fascillity available for people who dont want to lug around stuff all day.


Food and Drinks

Whats the access to Beverages and Sustenance issue here. Is there a local Costa/Starbuck/GreasySpoon ?

MikeTheBee: Restaurant and bar on site, loads of foodies and cafes within 5-10 mins walk. Fish and Chips, Lloyds Bar (Wetherspoons) etc. HTH








Tech info


The NTI currently has WIRED internet access (8meg) - We do not know if that is DSL or a feed from the NTI and if it's a dedicated 8meg pipe or dsl. The 8 meg pipe might not be enough for the event - Phil Campbell is coordinating tech access issues with the NTI directly. We need and least 1 meg upload for the 4 live streams, 256kb for each room ideally. This will be tested nearer the time. We will be using "streamguys" for the hosting of the final stream and will be streaming out to the re-distribution server.


The streams will be in quicktime. We considered flash, but we want to have that bit of better quality you get from quicktime.


More information will be available about the streams nearer the time.




Loudmouthman (nick) is helping out with wifi at the event and is bringing some boxes to re-distribute the connection over the venue (thanks for this nick!)



Mp3's/Video/ Promotion



John B is creating an mp3 promo for inclusion into the majority of popular podcasts shortly. Phil Campbell is creating video trailers for re-distribution and viral marketing. Someone has suggested standalone mp3 recordings of - name, urls, email address, twitter and pownce accounts. So that people have an audio link to contact you with (for the geeky ones among us, I thought would be useful to send via bluetooth via mobile, phones etc at event. . )


A PodcampUK newsletter will be mailed out in the next week utilisng the Podcast Nation database and reaching the maximum numbers of UK podcasters and listeners.


Goody bags


We are considering getting some kind of bag with media in that people can take with them and creating a "digital schwag" bag with promo material for later download from the website - If you have anything you would like to contribute to this please let us know here - Dean Whitbread had a great CD in Stockholm that he gave out to people. All promotion, banners, business cards etc I think should be put in these bags. have a table with all this stuff on at the event maybe?


Radio stations


Can we get in touch with local radio stations to make them aware of the MEDIA outlet that people can connect into. We need to reach people that want to know about media, social and the podcasting and videoblogging. Those who maybe know nothing currently about it. Every medium needs fresh people and ideas. I'm sure there are plenty of creative types in the Birmingham, Derby, Nottingham areas that would be interested in the event.




We have already spoken to local press about the event and must continue to get the word out to encourage people to attend. John B wil produce a written press relaease in advance. If you have solid journalistic skills or good media contacts and can contribute to getting PodCampUK written media coverage please tell us here. Mention it to your local chamber of commerce, if you are part of one local to you.




Websites that sell podcasting setups and gadgets - maybe they can sponsor something? - maybe we can have a prize thing? - not sure. but we could something promoted/sponsored by these online companies.



Taxis to event - hotels


John B is attempting to negotiate a set-rate with the Aston Conference centre for accomodation that will be offered to everyone attending the event.


For the evening event we are hoping to get a special venue nearby for drinking / band / DJ's and to hold The UK Podcasting Awards. There is no agenda for this eveningevent. It is intended simply as a nice relaxing place to all gather, socialize and relax in. Ther will be free drinks available for PodcampUK participants. We will need promotional materials for the hotel ideally.





I notice there's a "Podcast Awards 2007" featured on the schedule. I didn't know there was one and haven't seen any info about it. Who's running it, who's judging it, how do you enter? Or is it just a bit of on the spot fun where we all decide the winner and there are no losers? Cheers, Alex


  • Hey alex, best to speak to john about this - i dont think it is a serious thing to be honest. I think it is more an on the spot thing. - it was serious, we've moved it though so that Podcamp can be "agenda free"


I have just added this , Running Stands 101 which should be helpful to point to anyone to exhibit who may not have done this sort of thing before.




BRMB and BBC WM are two of the local stations which might be worth getting in contact with. (DONE - PHIL - 16 JULY - EMAILED ALL)


Two local suppliers of recording eqipment (both in the centre of Birmingham)that could be used for podcasting and that are podcasting aware are: Sound Control and MV Education which specialised in recording equipment to the educational sector but also to the public - most of my equipment has come from these two stores. All the best ChasCreek. (CHAS CAN THEY SUPPLY US 4 USB SAMSON C01U MICS - 1 for each room on lend?) ---- I have been in contact with the guys at Digital Village (MV Education) and will let you know when I have a response either way - - Digital Village are not able to help but they have suggested the distributors (01462 480000 Sound technology) ChasCreek



Newspapers - I don't know which local newspapers you have sent the press pack out to or are aware of but there is amongst others the:

Birmingham Mail, Birmingham Post, Birmingham News, Metro (this is a free paper that is given away to commuters and has a large circulation). There are also more local papers such as The Great Barr & Erdington Chronicle, Sutton Coldfield News and Central Independants Newspapers (who I worked for many moons ago as Studio & Production manager before moving onto National publishing groups) - Great Barr & Erdington Observer and The Sutton Coldfield Observer. The Express & Star also has a local edition. Surrounding (but close) areas also include ... Dudley News, Halesowen News, Stourbridge News. - ChasCreek



From John B: Proposal for "The half-hour room" That for 3 hours on the Sunday morning we designate one of the rooms (possibly the 'Boardroom') as having a "half-hour rule" allowing people to meet, present and share as many ideas as possible in the minimum amount of time. This creates the oportunity for six sessions rather than 3 in one of the main rooms. Thoughts? (sounds good to me john - phil)**





The registration went into Companies House on Wednesday ;-) - have fun y'all - DW - Brillant N1! - phil


Podcamp UK Ltd, a non-profit company number 6319378, registered at Companies House, Cardiff, Wales, 20th July 2007

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Just a quick request re banners, buttons and ads to promote the podcast on our blogs. Could someone design a square button or logo that we could use in the sidebars of our blogs. Massive skyscraper ads look nice on some sites, but I can't see most bloggers devoting that amount of real estate to them. Cheers, Alex


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