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PodCampUK UK Schedule


About the Rooms

Once a session appears on the grid, please do not move it unless the person presenting it agrees to a switch. The video walk-through on PodCampUK.com will give you an idea of the facilities at NTI. sprzedam bilet


There are three main rooms available for session booking: 'Main' 'Conference' and 'Boardroom'. There is an additional room that will function as a 'Mentoring' space and also as an IT access point for anyone requiring access to a computer and the web. In addition, there will be other space/rooms available at the NTI to facilitate the unconference experience. sprzedam mieszkanie


The Reception area will be open for conversation and impromptu sessions and as a central meeting and relaxing point. The 'Whiteboard' for sessions will be posted here each morning after the first session so that it can be referenced and/or added to. The idea is to generate a certain amount of the session content spontaneously from group discussion. One room will be subject to "the half-hour rule" each morning in order to maximize the opportunities available for a diversity of sessions to take place. kredyt mieszkaniowy


There is also a large 'Mezzanine' area, which can also be used for groups or individuals wishing to meet in a relaxed and informal context. Finally, there are several small breakout rooms that can seat 6 to 8 people and which will be available for anyone wishing to continue a discussion arising from a session or hold small spontaneous sessions over the weekend. We will add further space to the schedule table as it becomes needed. Certain areas will be left 'open' for networking and to allow space for the spontaneous and the unplanned. wino


The Law of Two Feet

PodCamp obeys the xCamp convention of the Law of Two Feet. If you're not learning what you want to learn, you have every right to exit the session you're in and go to a different one, or none at all. Take charge of your PodCamp experience - it will only be as good as you make it.


The Law of Null Space

You are very likely to learn the most in the spaces between sessions, at lunch, at breaks, etc. when you can just talk and hang out with people. Be ready! Have your portable digital recorder on, your business cards handy, your notebook out, and be ready to learn at the most unlikely times.



Lunch will be held at the event, and all registrants are invited.


Sessions Wanted?

Here's where you can add a podcasting topic you would like to hear discussed or look for colleagues to start a panel or a group discussion session...



  1. AUDIO 101 for new folks - I'll pick this up. Parky.
  2. Final Cut Pro?



(KEY TO SESSIONS: Appropriate for Newcomers, Intermediate-level podcasters, or Advanced users.)

Saturday, 1 September 2007

TimeRoom 1 (Main)Room 2 (Conference)Room 3 (Boardroom)Room 4 (Mentoring)
8:30 AM - 9 AMOpening remarks,logistics, where the toilets are, etc. The "half-hour rule" - Sessions for the Saturday morning last 30 minutes in this room. If you don't want to do an hour, do something shorter & use this room. If you want to continue there will be breakout space available.n/a
10 AM - 10:30 AMA Mic & the Giant Whiteboard- Linda Mills, John Buckley, Phil Campbell- Pass the Mic & introduce yourself Twitter style! Put ideas on the board!A Mic & the Giant WhiteboardFirst half:_______/Second half:___________Open for casual, one-on-one conversation
10:30AM - 11:30 AMRadio & Podcasting - Trevor Dann (Radio Academy) First half:_______/Second half:___________Open for casual , one-on-one conversation
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM"Show me the money! :Podcasting measurement, standards and ROI" - Marianina Chaplin and Lucie Follett - Maven Metrics (discussion)Audio 101 for n00b's - PPT + Q&A - Paul Parkinson18 months in the new media social networks of the videoblogging community - phil campbellOpen for casual , one-on-one conversation
12:30 PM - 2 PMLUNCH
2 PM - 3 PMHow to give up your day job and earn a living as a podcaster - Alex Bellinger

social notworks? - what the hell is twitter, web2.0 for web sake?

discussion - cases for and against.

Corporate podcasting - best practice, audience and subject research, and employee engagement - Paul SquiresOpen for casual , one-on-one conversation
3 PM - 4 PMFighting Podcasting Complacency. How to grow your audience of new listeners and how to ensure that you achieve your goals.- Anna Farmery, Janet Parkinson, Heather GorringeThings I wish I knew when I started Podcasting revisited!- Jason Jarrett (N,I)Music Right & Podcasting - Tim Baker


    • Open for casual , one-on-one conversation

4 PM -5 PM-Podcasting for a Community (How a podcast helps to bind a Community) - Jim Mowatt - librivox.orgyou? - add me!"blatant passion pitch" - creating a videoblog in 10 mins - filming, editing, encoding and a quick overview and launch of a world exclusive of a new application for the mac that already has a 500 strong following waiting for the beta to released - we will do this LIVE in my session - to be released in sync at podcampuk. after talking to chris brogan and chrisopher penn i now know the best way to present my session (thanks guys)



phil campbell - [fulldisclosure] Open for casual , one-on-one conversation

6 PM - 8 PM Pause for self-provided refreshments etc.
8 PM until it's over PARTY - Location: Aston Business School Conference Centre, Aston University, Aston Triangle, Birmingham B4 7ET +44 (0)121 204 3011 http://www.conferenceaston.co.uk


Sunday 2 September 2007**

TimeRoom 1 (Main)Room 2 (Conference)Room 3 (Boardroom)Room 4 Mentoring)
8 AM - 8:45 AMCoffee and RegistrationCoffee and RegistrationThe "half-hour rule" - Sessions for the Sunday morning last 30 minutes in this room. If you don't want to do an hour, do something shorter. Use this room.n/a
8:45 AM - 9 AMMorning Announcementsn/an/an/a
9 AM - 10 PM First half:_______/Second half:___________n/a
10 AM - 11 AMMeditations on mythology in technology - Rev. M. Buff n/a
11 AM - 12 PMUsing a Podcast as a Business Communication Tool - Neville HobsonFirst half:_______/Second half:___________

"ask the geek" - open to questions about

blogging/video and new media social networks - phil campbell.

12 PM - 1 PM The Open Rights Group - Protecting Your Bits! - Glyn Wintle Bogging and Podcasting in Education - Joe DaleLUNCH AND MUSIC
1 PM - 2 PMLunch First half: Discussion: Monetization models and alternatives to ads/ Second half:___________Open for casual, one-on-one conversation
2 PM - 3 PMAudio Hack Club. Swap shop for cheats, tips tricks for turning a pigs ear into a silken purse - Chris VallanceThe World of Web Video - Neil Fairbrother - pod3.tvyou? - add me!

"ask the geek" - open to questions about

blogging/video and new media social networks - phil campbell.

3 PM - 4 PM

Indie Podcasting - Paul Parkinson





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