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This page is for archival purposes only, please use the link below to sign up for the event:


PodCamp Southern California - September 27, 2007 - Ontario CA


  1. Jason Tucker
  2. Scott Stys
  3. Lance Anderson
  4. Russ Turley
  5. Matthew Wayne Selznick - Author, Consultant, Evangelist for the DIY Ethic
  6. Adam Christianson
  7. Ewan Spence (The Podcast Network).
  8. Chris Doelle "The hardest working man in podcasting" (Podcast Ready)
  9. Peter Beck MD
  10. Michael W. Dean and Debra Jean Dean
  11. Stephen Eley
  12. Ricardo Rabago - OrganicallySpeaking.org - Holistic Conversations for a Sustainable World
  13. Amber Rhea - Co-founder of Georgia Podcast Network and organizer of PodCamp Atlanta
  14. Rusty Tanton - Co-founder of Georgia Podcast Network
  15. Shelly Brisbin - Managing editor of Blogger & Podcaster Magazine
  16. Bill Palmer - Publisher of iProng and co-host of iProng Radio
  17. JoAnna Minneci - Chef/Owner of Chef JoAnna, Inc. and host of Cuisine Connection
  18. Shahram Shokrian - CEO of podkive and FeedMy.tv 
  19. Steve Boyett - DJ, writer, and producer of Podrunner and Groovelectric podcasts.
  20. William Lundin - Partner at Roney Zone Productions and lab assistant to Dr. Podenstein
  21. Victor Cajiao (Typical Mac User Podcast )
  22. David Eckoff, VP New Product Development & Innovation, Turner Broadcasting
  23. Kris Smith, VP, New Media, Room 214, podcasting from Croncast - From Cool to Cul De Sac, Capture The Conversation
  24. Philip Richardson
  25. Bruce C from Podcaster Who's Who.com and the Organizer of Podcamp City Online.info
  26. Dani Cutler
  27. Karin Hoegh - ThePodJournal.com and PODHANDLE.com.
  28. Chia-Lin Simmons - Co-host of On Digital Media (ODM) Podcast and digital media company executive
  29. Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with "sketch"), The Podcast Asylum and guest/photographer Stefan Didak.
  30. Gary Leland (aka P. Dilly), Owner of PodcastPickle.com and the PodcastPickle Network
  31. Jason Jarrett, creator of A Buddhist Podcast
  32. Robert Safuto, Marketing Director for RawVoice. Representing Blubrry, Tech Podcast Network and Podcaster News.
  33. Ava B - http://www.avahosting.biz , SMILE Single Mothers In Loving Entrepreneurship podcast , and Organizer of Podcamp City Online http://www.podcampcityonline.info
  34. Pete Cooper, half of Emma and Pete and general all-round good egg
  35. Kari from TPSradio.org (ThePrimeSpot.com Radio Show), Poddywood, Podcouple, etc.
  36. Ron Ploof of Griddlecakes Radio and author of Podenstein
  37. Joe Hershey -- ch1pc from The Green Tax
  38. Steve Webb -- of the Lifespring! Family of Podcasts.
  39. Andy Bilodeau Host and Producer of the AndyCast Podcast
  40. Vicki Novikoff Barnhart, Director Strategic Education Alliances and creator of Global Conference Calls and podcasts, YPO International
  41. Linda Mills - Co-Founder and Comma-Wrangler, Podcast User Magazine
  42. Fred Castaneda, PodCaster, host of Arriba! educational Podcast, and intracast(TM) podcaster for IBM TV
  43. Betsy Weber, Screencaster, from The Visual Lounge
  44. Steve Holden, Producer, from AztecMedia.net for Tech News Radio, Jersey Boys Podcast, and Veteran Stories
  45. Don Mcallister, of ScreenCastOnline and author of Podcast Monetizer (If it ever gets finished!)
  46. Chris Brogan - co-founder of PodCamp. I don't podcast regularly. Just when I like something. Can I still hang out?
  47. Jim Kirks - Host of the video podcast The Clip Show - Reviewing the world of Podcasting.
  48. Leesa Barnes - Author, Podcaster, Lead Organizer of Podcamp Toronto.
  49. Kris Smith, VP, New Media, Room 214, podcasting from Croncast - From Cool to Cul De Sac, Capture The Conversation
  50. Elsie Escobar - Health and Lifestyle Expert, Podcaster and New Media Creator of Elsie's Yoga Class Podcast and YoGeek Workout
  51. Shannon Crosby - girl of all trades
  52. David Eckoff - VP New Product Development & Innovation, Turner Broadcasting. Was at PodCamp NYC, and can't wait for PodCamp SoCal!
  53. Steve Garfield - Videoblogger - Vlog Soup, Spice of Life, The Carol and Steve Show, Rocketboom.
  54. Paul Hutchinson - Production, Columnist Podcast User Magazine and podcaster Total PodCastrophe
  55. Judy Hutchinson - Advertising, Columnist Podcast User Magazine and podcaster Medical Minute Podcast and Total PodCastrophe
  56. Joel Mark Witt - Producer of FolkMedia.org and MarylandZoo.TV - would like to attend - I assume that you allow East Coasters to come...
  57. Rob Walch - VP Podcaster Relations - Wizzard Media, Host Podcast411 and Today in iPhone, co-host - Today in Podcasting, plus some other stuff
  58. heathervescent



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