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BostonRegistrants ! Attendee Directory


List Your Podcasts, Blogs, Sites, and Spaces here! Be sure to include RSS, iTunes, and any other appropriate links.


Please add newest entries at the bottom.


  • Fat Guy Gets Fit [feed] - Chris Brogan
  • The Life Hack Podcast [feed] - Chris Brogan
  • Baby Time [feed] - Dan Gorgone: Weekly podcast about pregnancy and raising a newborn - with myself, my wife Kerry, and baby Jack
  • The Financial Aid Podcast [feed] [iTunes] - Christopher Penn: Daily show about personal finance, and how to make college more affordable as a student, graduate w/loans, or parent. Plus podsafe music!
  • Student Loan Radio [feed] [iTunes] - Christopher Penn: a music, talk, and randomness show on Saturdays, integrated into the Financial Aid Podcast feed. 2 for 1 special, what a bahgain!
  • New Comm Road [feed] - Bryan Person: a podcast exploring how new-media tools are changing the way that people and businesses communicate.
  • Road Rage [feed] - A view of the world through a cracked windshield. A 15 minute podcast of news and commentary, produced every week since April 2005
  • It's A Purl, Man [feed] It's a knitting podcast about a guy in Boston with yarn issues.
  • The DV Show [Feed The only interactive podcast answering questions about digital video.
  • Managing the Gray [feed] - C.C. Chapman: Digital marketing insights in the ever changing world of new media, consumer generated content and virtual world marketing.
  • Accident Hash [feed] - C.C. Chapman: Nothing but the best mix in podsafe music a couple of times a week
  • The Dave and Matt Show [feed][iTunes] - Dave Kawalec and Matt Snodrgrass: We comedically discuss topics and news. Using an intelligent blend of blasphemy and poopy jokes, we aim to both inform and entertain. Sometimes our aim is a little off.
  • Slacker Astronomy [feed] - Pamela, Travis and Aaron: Name says it all.
  • 5 Questions [feed] - The interactive Podcast Quiz Show. We ask you 5 questions and your answers become the content for the show.
  • Boston Behind the Scenes [RSS Feed] [iTunes 1-Click] - Ever wonder what makes a city tick? Join me for a look behind the scenes in Boston.
  • Student Loan Consolidation [feed] - Include all your podcast about financial aid, mortgage, or student loan!
  • Current Science & Technology Podcast [RSS Feed] [iTunes 1-Click] - From the Museum of Science, Boston. Every week we bring you interviews with guest researchers and our Museum staff covering science and technology in depth.
  • GALACTICAST [.mov feed] [.wmv feed] [iTunes] - A weekly sketch-comedy sci-fi video-podcast
  • Feed Me Bubbe [itunes] [feed] - Bubbe stands for Grandmother and this Grandma brings cooking to a new level. (VIDEO)
  • Answers for Freelancers [RSS Feed][iTunes] - We're a bunch of freelance artists talking about, well... freelancing. We started Answers mostly to help professional artists who have made the jump, or are thinking about making the jump, to freelancing. Keeping it clean, since this is the kind of information that we all wanted as early as our high school years. Hoping to attract not just seasoned artists, but also young, budding artists as well. Quite frankly, we're a very niche market, so help us out if you can. Tell every artist you know about our 'cast, even your nephew Johnny who everyone knows is going to be an artist someday. Thanks.
  • Teaching for the Future Podcast [RSS Feed] - Teaching for the future is a podcast all about media literacy and technology literacy in the classroom. I talk about art, tech, the media, and everything in between.
  • The M Show [feed][iTunes] - a 10 minute show that talks about business/news topics, a talk section of interviews or sound seeing tours, and wraps with a a Book or DVD review. Designed to be a welcome addition to your commute or coffee break.
  • VentureWeek - A weekly(ish) wrap-up of the most important start-up news, company launches, venture financings and tech news with a hint of podsafe music.
  • Vlog Soup - A FREE video tour of the vlogosphere by Steve Garfield.
  • MSBPodcast [feed] - Charles-A. Rovira - A Podcast by/for/about MSers and podsafe tunes ... looking for an audience
  • Subject:CINEMA [feed] - Subject:CINEMA, hosted by TC Kirkham and Kim Brown - a weekly fun look at the movies, available every Saturday at 12 Noon ET
  • Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Cycle, Cycle, Too - Several times a week workout blog, focusing on fitness/work/life balance, and digging way too much on cool tech.
  • Cast of Characters Podcast - A daily story podcast filled with fables, folk tales, trickster tales, fairy tales, and more produced by thebestkidsbooksite.com
  • Uncle Seth Podcast [feed] - Views, news & tunes from Toronto independent band Uncle Seth, the "unofficial band of Canadian podcasters"
  • Toronto Independent Music podcast [feed] - The Toronto Independent Music Podcast (or TIM for short) is a weekly music podcast featuring some of the best music produced by unsigned and indie label artists from in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Hosted by Jay Moonah of Toronto independent band Uncle Seth.
  • The United States Constitution [feed] - Ira Krakow: Landmark Supreme Court cases, discussion of civil rights, privacy, free speech - anything about the Constitution
  • Ira Krakow's Newswire [feed] - Ira Krakow: News about fast breaking stories with a slant you won't see on CNN, FOX, or the traditional media
  • PRX - Nathan Woodhull: Site where you can distribute radio pieces to public broadcasting stations.
  • PRX podcasts - Jake Shapiro: PRX is also providing a bunch of curated podcasts using pieces from the PRX catalog
  • [http://www.dwc.edu] Annette Kurman, Director of Public Relations, Daniel Webster College, Nashua, NH
  • Rockosphere [feed] [blog] [podsafe] [myspace] A new interview / music podcast that will be hosted by James "Jimmy" Rochelle and produced by Mitch Allen.
  • Writer's Voice - conversations with writers of all genres about things that matter; broadcasting in western New England, streaming on the web, & podcasting from links on website.
  • The Alternative Music Show - Eric and Sara Skiff bring you the best genre bending alternative music they can find each week.
  • Felt Up TV - Puppet Sketch Comedy!
  • Jeffrey Heard, librarian, blogger, future podcaster
  • iProng Radio [iTunes] - Bill Palmer and Shelly Brisbin take a weekly look at the iPod and iTunes universe, with news, in-depth features, and inteviews with special guests from the iPod industry.
  • AudioBerkman [feed] [iTunes]- A Berkman Center for Internet & Society Podcast, Produced by Colin Rhinesmith.
  • Black Sweater, White Cat [feed]- A Broadcast to Podcast of Creative Commons music, Produced by Biotic and Subsystem7
  • The Diamond Path [feed][iTunes]-Life situations discussed from the Buddhist perspective, Produced by Housatonic Radioworks
  • CWF Game Discussions [feed][blog] [iTunes]-^Raven^ & Angron discuss gaming, focusing on Games Workshop and miniatures gaming. By gamers, for gamers, co-hosted in Boston (^Raven^) and England (Angron). Affiliated with Warvault.net.
  • Brain Damage - the definitive Pink Floyd radio show [feed] Anything and everything that is Pink Floyd. demos, outtakes, soundtracks, bootlegs, unreleased, solo material and more! - The Doctor
  • Recently. A (we)blog. - Design, Technology, Politics. Jake and Brian will see you at Podcamp. (no 'cast yet)
  • Atoms, Motion & the Void Story theater podcast in the tradition of Orson Welles hosted by Sherwin Sleeves.
  • Canadian Podcast Buffet Podcast news & views from and for Canadians
  • The Elastic Image [feed] [iTunes] - The Elastic Image is Douglass Turner. Relax and enjoy organic, fluid, melted pixel pleasure.
  • Something to Be Desired [feed] [iTunes] - Something to Be Desired (or STBD) is an ongoing comedy web video series about the DJs at the struggling WANT FM in Pittsburgh. A little sex, a lot of sarcasm...
  • Radio Tomate Jock & Ana Maria Chamberlain: Spanish podcast - News/music/interviews/discussion/comedy about the issues which effect the relationship between the Americas. Helped by Sound and Vision Media with studios located in Revere Sound and Vision Media.
  • diecastAUDIO [feed] [iTunes] - diecatAUDIO is the Premier Pocast for Diecast Car Collectors and Enthusiasts! Jeff Glasson hosts this niche podcast covering the latest news and happenings in the world of Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning and Jada Toys!
  • scriggity - weekly user generated news video blog.
  • Best Damn Tech Show, Period. - weekly Opera sponsored Technology podcast and video show.
  • Pod Music 411 Podcast [feed] - weekly music podcast hosted by Greg & Vicki.
  • PodSea.com - Trying to start a site so podcasters can make money for their efforts.
  • The Eye - John Herman hosts this look at the people, places, and events that make life interesting.
  • Libsyn Pro, Libsyn,and IndieFeed - Chris_MacDonald is here to get everyone up to speed on what Libsyn has been up to in the personal and corporate world
  • VoodooVox.com - We have a hosted phone svc that answers audience calls for radio and TV stations. Many of our clients have put their podcasts on their phone lines, so we're rolling out a free service for podcasters. When your audience forgot to synch up and/or is away from a PC, they can call your number and have your podcast played for them on demand. They can also leave you msgs which you can incorporate into your podcasts. Again, it's free. email me at jsh@voodoovox.com if you want to discuss.
  • Art Film Talk [iTunes] [feed] - An audio podcast by David Tames bringing you conversations on the art, craft, business, and technology of filmmaking (the audio podcast formerly known as Art Film Design).
  • Kino-Eye.com [feed] David Tames' blog on digital filmaking, media technology, and podcasting with lots of links and references.
  • ETech@Work Podcast and Blog [Podcast feed / Blog feed]: Shwen Gwee explores emerging technologies and trends and how they're applied in organizations.
  • A Technical Manager's Perspective - A blog that discusses Management and System Management topics.
  • UIE Brain Sparks Audio Library - Podcasts of presentations, Q&As, and home of the SpoolCast, a discussion show about user experience from User Interface Engineering
  • BentoTV.com - Video five days a week about how to prepare the best in bento lunches
  • LD Podcast.com Podcast about Learning Disabilities and Helping kids succeed in school, for parents, by parents of kids with learning disabilities. Weekly podcast featuring all that advice you usually have to stalk other parents to get, available 24 by 7 online.
  • No-Name General Aviation Podcast [feed][iTunes] Bi-weekly roundtable discussion, news & conversation about the world of General Aviation flying.
  • Hot From Silicon Valley [Audiofeed][Blogfeed][iTunes] Daily Podcast from Silicon Valley featuring Hot Startups.
  • The Health Hacks Podcast [Feed] [iTunes]- Chris Brogan, Kevin Kennedy-Spaien, Reinhard Engels, Jimmy Moore. Health, Fitness and Inspiration - In Your Ear.
  • the guy by the door - randy fenstermacher; a different look at Harvard: the most self-important show on earth.
  • DJ Mix Academy - Boston-based DJ school; blog and podcast coming fall 2006


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