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Podfading - Ken Crockett

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"Podfading" with Ken Crockett

This session will discuss what Podfading is and what steps you can take to keep yourself from podfading from the very beginning of creating your new show. This session is for four types of people: Those who just started podcasting, looking at doing a podcast, or have been podcasting for a long time now, Heck if you are just a listener this session is for you. So if you meet at least one of those four areas then this is the session for you.


Ken Crockett Is the main host of Game Zone Radio a roundtable podcast about everything gaming, and also is the Co-Founder of the Arizona Podcaster Organization. He has been podcasting since July of 2005. Ken used to run the podcast: "Apple News Now" later renamed "The Mac Update" Ken has had his own share of dipping into podfading and knows the issues that plauge many podcasters as well as listeners.


Interested in Attending


  1. Crystal O'Hara
  2. Dani Cutler
  3. Fred van West
  4. Antonio Edward
  5. Serenity Edward
  6. Cj Feierabend
  7. Amory Lowe
  8. Jim Kirks
  9. Charlie Baker
  10. Richard & Jennifer Jones
  11. Mitchell Jenkins
  12. Tony Goodwin
  13. Nicole & Marc Spagnuolo
  14. John Tynan
  15. Yxes Delacroix

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