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Saturday Night September 9th



We're getting together at the Grand Canal (one T stop from Bunker Hill Community College at North Station -- Google map) right after PodCamp for drinks and dinner from 5:00 - 10 PM. Unlimited free food and dinner venue sponsored by Topaz Partners, Podcast Ready, and Porter Novelli. Cash bar.


Grand Canal

57 Canal St

Boston, MA 02114


Everyone is still free to make their own plans -- It's your conference!


Many of us are looking for a more intimate place to further discuss our new found knowledge and our new found friends. We have arranged reservations at the great restaurants below.


If you want to take ownership of a dinner, put it in the HOSTED SECTION, if you have a suggestion for a location, put it in the PROPOSED LOCATIONS SECTION. There are also locations that are looking for a host.


Sponsors: Don't forget there will be PLENTY of ad-hoc opportunities to sponsor individual Saturday night events. You may want to ask the groups if they'd be willing to trade something in exchange for you picking up the tab! (i.e. blog link love, etc.)


Birds of a Feather Dinners


Add suggestions for dinners here, call a restaurant, make a reservation, host a dinner, provide a topic and start a sign up list...


Also, please include an address or major intersection - remember a lot of folks are from out of town!





Wompatuck State Park - http://www.mass.gov/dcr/parks/southeast/womp.htm

Pod Music 411 Campsite and Campfire

Pod Music 411 is camping at Wompatuck State Park (35 Minutes away from Boston) and thought if others were interested, maybe we could take over a small area of the campground with adjoining sites in order to hang out by a fire with good conversation and maybe some accoustic music? We have site Number D008. We will provide the campfire, and are looking forward to some great discussions & acoustic music (if allowed). If you are interested in camping next to us email us at podmusic411@gmail.com.


TIME - 6:30PM? can adjust as need.



  • People to camp near us and carpool to and from the event (we will have a truck that has two open seats).
  • New Friends & Good Conversation
  • Acoustic musicians (Greg's gear is electric only, so he's out of luck)...plus who sits around the campfire playing piano??? LOL!


We will keep this updated if there are any changes. Please sign up! Don't worry, the fire will keep you warm.


Total: # ?

TOPIC: Music, Podcasting, & more!

HOSTS - 1, 2)Greg and Vicki of Podmusic 411

Attendees Names


Antico Forno http://www.anticofornoboston.com/ This restaurant located in close knit North End section of Boston serves classic italian food. The North End is a short walk from Fanueil Hall. Take the Orange Line to Haymarket.

TIME - 6:00PM

Total: #20

TOPIC(S) Everything just experienced at Podcamp, further discussion on marketing, branding, monetizing, fun, shared experiences, and the future of podcasting

HOST: 1)Ira Krakow

ATTENDEES: 2)Larry Lawfer, 3) Jared Spool, 4) Mark Blevis, 5) Andrew Bourland




__CONFIRMED LOCATIONS - NOT HOSTED YET__ Seana Kelley, owner of Durgin Park, has graciously opened up her restaurant to us. This is a Boston Landmark and has interesting and not too expensive food. When I was asked to coordinate the task of finding restaurants that can seat as many as 20 people on a busy Saturday night I arranged for both this restaurant and Antico Forno to save us space. Larry Lawfer


Durgin Park http://www.durgin-park.com/ This restaurant is a Boston classic located in historic Fanueil Hall where there is plenty to do after dinner. Fantastic Indian Pudding. Best in New England, maybe. If you're from outside the area, it's worth going to Durgin just for that. They also have... coffee jello.

TIME - 6:30PM? can adjust

Total Whitney Hoffman- LD Podcast www.ldpodcast.com







Legal Sea Foods http://www.legalseafoods.com/ The premier classic Boston seafoood restaurant. They always cater the New England clam chowder to Presidential inauguration galas. There are a number of convenient branches - Long Wharf (great view of Boston Harbor), Park Square (near the Boston Common and the Theater District), and Kendall Square (Cambridge, near MIT). Any of these are convenient to the T (the subway - catch the Orange Line at Community College). They're well set up for large parties. (I did not suggest this restaurant because it is a bit more expensive, but I do know the Berkowitz's and would be happy to call them to get the same deal as we have with the other two restaurants. They have less latitude in their policies, but I am sure would be happy to have a large party visit. Let me know if you want to confirm this location and I will make the call. Larry)

TIME - 6:30PM? can adjust

Total: #20


Helmand Restaurant http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=64664503&blogID=110026373


143 Bent Street, Cambridge, MA - a possible walk from Bunker Hill Community College, otherwise near Lechmere T stop on Green Line in Cambridge. Boston's best (and only) Afghan restaurant. It's run by a relative of Mohammed Karzai, President of Afghanistan. The food is excellent, if you like Middle Eastern. The link above is from myspace. Some more reviews from CitySearch - http://boston.citysearch.com/review/4750437

It's not a bad walk from BHCC, maybe 15 minutes tops. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Boston. It's where I take anyone I want to impress. Order the Kadoo, an amazing dish made of pumpkin. You won't regret it. -- Jared Spool

Not as well set up for large parties as Legal Sea Food, but the food is well worth the possible wait.

TIME - 6:30PM? can adjust

Total: #20



How about RedBones in Somerville? It's a great restaurant, moderately priced, down-home southern cooking - chicken, ribs, hot sauce, with dirty rice and black beans as side dishes. Nearest T stop is Davis Square on the Red Line - about a 30 minute ride.




Will anyone be looking to see the Ohio State - Texas football game - anyone anyone???

Boston, is a Sports town, I am sure you can find the game on somewhere...unless BC is playing.




The 80th Anniversary of The Italian Festival of The Healing Saints Cosmas and Damian will be taking place throughout the weekend in the Warren and Cambridge Street section of East Cambridge, a few blocks west of the Lechmere stop on the Green line and a short distance from BHCC. Take a look at www.cosmas-and-damian.com for more information, and note that Frankie Avalon will be performing for free at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday night.


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