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Turning Ravenous Fans into Valuable Contributors - Evo Terra

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"From Commentors to Contributors: Building Rabid Fans" with Evo Terra


How do you change the relationship your listeners or viewers have with your show? How do you move them from being merely "consumers" to "active participants with your show?


Evo Terra has done just that, helping to not only build podcasts with a rabid fan base, but turning those fans into content contributors, evangelists and even business partners. Can you do the same? A lot depends on your content and goals, but plan on taking away some time-tested advice for your program.


Interested in Attending


  1. Kathy Jacobs
  2. Cheryl Colan
  3. Dani Cutler
  4. Jason Tucker
  5. Fred van West
  6. Douglas E. Welch
  7. Serenity Edward
  8. Antonio Edward
  9. Aaron Bates
  10. Dana Davis
  11. Mary Harrison
  12. Brian Lareau
  13. Kristen Kanack
  14. Crystal O'Hara
  15. Bryan Lukasik
  16. Jim Kirks
  17. Charlie Baker
  18. Amory Lowe
  19. Laura Galante
  20. Mark Spomer
  21. Todd Austin
  22. Nicole & Marc Spagnuolo
  23. Dan Shaurette

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